Donald Trump Endorses Kim Klacik so of Course the Racists Come Out and Attack Her

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Funny how the people claiming the President is the racist need to resort to racism in order to make their point.

Kim Klacik is the very definition of a political rising star. She initially produced a campaign video to announce her bid for a US House representative seat in her hometown of Baltimore. Her commercial went viral as her message was delivered with grace and force as she was strolling through the gutted sections of her town in order to show the political sloth of her predecessors.


This impactful spot earned her a speaking spot at the recent Republican national convention — which CNN promptly preempted with a commercial. Any dodge that the news network wanted to make that this was just a matter of bad timing for a commercial was pretty hollow considering her speech was only the second one of the night. But this is just one indication of how rankled those on the left have become at the sight of a vibrant and strong-willed female POC residing on the right side of politics.

President Trump has come out and officially endorsed Kim Klacik’s campaign.

To say there were racist remarks hurled at Ms. Klacik is no surprise. It has become comically predictable these days that those from the side claiming to stand up against racism will devolve into racist aggressors the moment they see a POC individual straying from their preconceived plantation. But this is less about that reaction than it is the reality they all ignore.

Note in the outrage that everything has to begin with the presumption that President Trump is a racist. Extending from there is the connected notion that the GOP is also racist. There are problems however in making this canard stick. First note how last week during the convention we saw all manner of hateful and degrading comments from the media regarding the speakers at the convention. It was the leftist mentality that brought out this intolerant scorn.


The common charges from the left, towards those like Kim Klacik, is that the GOP is racist and hates minorities. Yet look at what transpired last week. The hate and intolerance came from the left, and it was directed at many of those who were in fact minority, POC, female, and other groups who they claim the GOP cannot tolerate. Now we have yet another POC candidate for a GOP position. 

Interesting that as they claim Donald Trump is racist, it is in regard to Donald Trump supporting enthusiastically a — woman of color, running on the supposedly racist GOP ticket. Rather tough to reconcile how Klacik’s rise and the enthusiasm behind her from the party proves the party is racist. But this is the area populated by the minds of leftists. One good sign is that Klacik herself is proving to be no wilting flower. She can respond quite adeptly to these ignorant accusations.

Very excellent, and a sign that one other charge frequently heard from the left that is completely baseless — they love to say conservatives are scared of powerful and smart women. Just take note of who is revealing that they are frightened at the prospect of Kim Klacik.



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