A Metaphor for Our Time - Bald Eagle in Michigan Takes Down State-run Drone

Charlie Neibergall
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 (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)


This is the cathartic story we all could use.

One of the prevailing themes to percolate up during this pandemic — as if we did not have enough anxiety  — has been the oppressive nature of various government entities. Sensing the opportunity at flexing unelected power many politicians have been outlandish in their oppression. In Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been especially notable in her overreach.


The woman has instituted a staggering amount of executive orders in the past few months – she is over 160 at this point, and mounting. Also egregious has been the selective enforcement of her edicts. She has closed off sections of the state while others are open, which are conveniently located for her family concerns. There have been tight restrictions on private businesses openings, but state-interests like lottery and casino operations have been freed up. 

Almost as if in response to this choking of human nature liberties a rebuke has arrived, from nature itself. The Michigan State Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy reported that during a project of mapping the shoreline to measure erosion levels they were using a drone, and it came under attack from a bald eagle. The national bird of prey set upon the drone at a height of over 150 feet, shearing off a rotor and sending the craft into Lake Michigan. 

In a description that seems to echo some of the protests over the shutdowns imposed by Gov. Whitmer, one of the spokespeople reported, ‘’The attack could have been a territorial squabble.’’


The drone operator stated the craft was flying at a speed of about 22 miles per hour when the eagle took action. Nearby witnesses to the attack say the bird appeared to fly off without any harm at all — liberty taking wing, as the government operation was sent to the depths.

I believe for a great deal of Americans right now, we have just found our spirit animal.



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