As the Seattle Police Chief Quits She Exposes the Lies of BLM Movement

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When the messaging and the actions do not link up it reveals the vacancy of the movement.

The media have done yeoman’s work in giving the Black Lives Matter movement all of the airtime it desires to get its platform out to the public. The press has been wide open, fawning at times, and very rarely raising anything approaching a critical word. Note the ease that the ‘’Defund The Police’’ narrative was spread around with barely anything approaching analytical thought to this effort.


Well critical analysis has been sorely needed from the start of this social movement. What has been sold, and what has been accomplished are often two very different realities — sometimes in direct opposition of each other — and in Seattle this has become the exposure of the movement. On the surface it appears that what transpired is exactly what has been demanded from BLM leadership, except once analysis is employed you are presented with the paradox.

Carmen Best, Police Chief of Seattle PD, should be the very model of what all of the outrage across the country has been calling for. A female, a POC, and a local leader who is committed to assisting her community, she represents everything the protestors and Black Lives Matter have called out for, loudly. 

Carmen Best has announced she is resigning her post, as the Seattle City Council has both buckled to the pressure of activists, and in so doing completely contradicted the exact message the BLM mouthpieces have expressed. There is a demanded for more representation, and to have POC placed in leadership roles, yet here they had exactly what they demanded, and their activism has now removed a female POC from a police leadership position.

Carmen Best has been a proponent for her city, and has resisted the times she, and her department, have been shackled by the politicians, prevented from enforcing laws. The Mayor, Jenny Durkin, and the city council have shown a deference to the protestors, at the expense of the lives and livelihoods of citizens. Best and her officers were prevented from blocking the establishment of CHAZ/CHOP in the downtown area, and it only led to problems.


Here is where the true paradox gets exposed. The woke city council has been saying that black voices need to be heard, yet as soon as their own black Chief Of Police spoke out on the decision they were making they reacted against her. Best saw her department truncat ed, her budget slashed, and her own salary cut down by $100,000. So while the activists got their wish for defunding, it has led to the silencing of a black leader, saw her getting paid significantly less than the white Chief who preceded her, and as a result a majority of the officers placed out of work were POC.

This, all done in the name of progress. What the insipid city council cannot even see is the direct result of their actions. A few weeks back they announced previous cuts to the police department, and the immediate result was a whole new wave of rioters who moved into the downtown area and ransacked businesses. Funny how they capitulated and gave the protestors precisely what they demanded, and all it led to was an extension of the problems they were experiencing. But this has been a movement not about solutions, but about grabbing power.

Look at one simple fact; while cloaking the movement by saying ‘’Black Live Matter’’, there has been a remarkable amount of indifference to the black lives lost as a direct result of this movement. A black cop in Dallas and a federal agent in Oakland have been killed. A black business owner was murdered while defending his store. 


In Milwaukee Burnell Trammell, a local activist who supported President Trump, was shot to death after his support generated outrage. And in Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ there were half a dozen shootings, leading to a pair of POC individuals dying. These are numerous cases of black individuals dying as a result of the movement that was supposedly opposing the treatment of black lives. That these folks were granted hardly any vocal recognition speaks loudly to the flaw in the movement.

What has been clear is that the movement wants there to be a monolithic movement of supremacy they are railing against. The problem: all of the areas where they stage their complaints are run not by white racists on the right, but their very own leadership.

Seattle is a long held bastion of democrat politics. The last GOP mayor was elected in 1964 and the current mayor is a LGBTQ female with, as noted, a black police chief. Portland is a socialist mecca that has been run by nothing but leftists, with the exception of 2 GOP mayors from the 1950s, serving a total of 5 years in that time. And then there is Minneapolis, from where all of this outrage sprung forth.

George Floyd was killed by cops in a town with a POC police Chief, a female POC representative (Ilhan Omar) and a black Attorney General. Every leadership role in the state you can cite is run by Democrats, from the Mayor, to the Governor, and both Senators. Who on that lengthy list are we accusing of fostering systemic racism? We will not get that answer. Because there is a resistance to the facts.


This is the way the entire movement becomes exposed. When you look at what they say motivates them – justice for black lives – it is completely neutered by the way they have no concern over the numerous black lives the cause has taken. They claim that the system built up is leading to black deaths, but they cannot blame those actually in charge because they are political allies. And when they demand policies be enacted they affect the very people they claim they want in power for their cause.

At some point we need to move past the sound bites and begin to acknowledge the results. When it is pointed out that blacks are losing their businesses to looters, blacks in power are losing their positions, and blacks in general are losing their lives those facts are beaten back with outrage. The people who are calling out to discuss things on black matters are notably resistant to any details that derails the narrative. It is apparent that as they are suggesting that we have a dialogue what they really are saying is that they demand to be allowed to deliver a lecture.


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