The Weekend Document Dump - Something ‘Bout a Truck and Arnold Births a Nation

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Our regular feature gathering the off-kilter from the news cycle.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.



They HAD to Eliminate a Film, It’s Not A Rumor

The reactionaries and hysterical Karens of this world are in their golden age, as every sofa activist and basement-dwelling manifesto-churning social crank can now take to the streets to demand justice for any perceived cultural offense. In Portland — of course — the local government was set to begin an outdoor movie series for the citizens. The opening film was set to be a classic family movie, ‘’Kindergarten Cop’’. The significance was the movie had been filmed in the area. But one local author and screech-machine declared in this age of hating the police that showing a fun kids movie with a police character was out of bounds. She compared ‘Kindergarten Cop’’ to ‘’’Birth Of A Nation’’, to show just how serious of a thinker this woman can be.


     Basketball Somehow Swings and Misses

The NBA has found itself in a trap of its own making by jumping in to social causes and political issues with elan. They have fully embraced the Black Lives Matter movement, to the detriment of its fan base, it is starting to show. The other problem is that while lecturing this country on human rights issues the league has to now face the reality that as it chased the almighty dollar in China (well okay, the Yuan) it has to excuse away that nation’s ongoing human rights abuses. When confronted with this reality NBA analysts Stan Van Gundy took a practiced path of reactionary leftists — he scorched this country over our past abuses. And all while the league wants to posture and signal for activist causes they see the fans are responding in opposition. One player who refuses to kneel for the national anthem has now seen his jersey become one of the hottest sellers among NBA fans.



Pickup Artists

On the subject of bored activists looking for an excuse to be upset, one writer at The Wall Street Journal had a personally traumatic experience in a Costco parking lot. In true liberal fashion when visited upon with an inconvenience the very first reaction is to turn to the government to do something about it. Dan Neil had a close call with a large pickup truck in a parking lot, and he was so shaken that he wrote a lengthy treatise on why nobody needs these large behemoths with a bed liner. He gathered in an academic, and then another writer to join his chorus of the need to ban these beasts of burden. I think it is safe to say none of them have bumper testicles hanging from their Smart Cars.


Blessed Are The Immune…Unfairly So

We are all on tenterhooks regarding the current pandemic we are dealing with and many wonder what we will look like as a nation as we come through the scourge. Well the genius minds over at Slate have a caustic view of those pleasant days ahead; we survivors will be imbued with viral prejudice. Yes, the crack minds at Slate have determined that those who come through an outbreak are in possession of ‘’Immunoprivilege’’. It will be amusing to see how they explain how this is something we are not born with, but acquired.


Next Question – Are Chick Peas Sexist?

Recall way back a couple of weeks ago when EVERYONE was supposedly outraged at Goya Foods because the CEO of the company dared to praise President Trump? Well, celebrity Chrissy Teigan does not. She had been among the outspoken critics of the company because supporting Trump was going against the Hispanics of the country — even as he was signing an executive order that benefitted Hispanic businesses and education. But hey, that was all the way back to 3 weeks ago. This week she posted a social media video of her cooking oxtail, and there on her countertop was a can from the accursed company. I wonder if she was using crow as an ingredient?



Sent Out Of School – Every Kid Whips Out Their Phone…

At at North Paulding High School, in Georgia, classes resumed. The school clearly had some issues in dealing with crowded conditions, distancing, mask-wearing, etc. One student — Hannah Waters — recorded on her phone the onerous viral conditions, and posted the video online. The school reacted in the most proper way it saw fit. Hannah was suspended for revealing the conditions. Following this, principal Gabe Carmona said any student found criticizing the school on social media could face discipline. This will make for thorny conditions when they begin the required curriculum to teach about black activism while punishing activist behavior at the same time.


American Dream? More Like American Nightmare, Amirite?!

   In Massachusetts Ihssane Leckey is running for Congress. She has a remarkable tale of arriving to the US from Morocco with nothing. She worked below minimum wage to support herself, managed to go to college, and became a powerful legal lobbyist fighting big banks. Her platform to go to D.C.? To tear down the entire structure that allowed her to live out her life’s goals. ‘’I’m running for Congress to dismantle every oppressive system that denies us the basic necessities to live.’’ She wants to see to it that she becomes the last person to reap the benefits of this nation. That’s a seductive message right there.



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