The Friday Document Dump – A Weekly Compendium of the Crazy From Our Culture

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Our regular feature gathering the off-kilter from the news cycle.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.


Hate So Deep You…Praise Them???

There was probably no better example of journalists resorting to pearl-clutching as the recent declaration made by FoxNews anchor Melissa Francis. She said on the air, and in her Twitter feed, that she routinely gives false answers to pollsters when she is called to give her impressions on the elections. CNN’s Oliver Darcy led a contingent of journalists who got the vapors when this information came out. In his rush to condemn this action Justin Baragona made an astounding admission:  he inadvertently praised the quality of the network’s polling data. 

This has to be a first…


Mayor DeBlasio Builds Not-Schools

While the national debate continues over opening schools one thing commonly trotted out is the need to follow science. One thing repeatedly ignored by these same deep thinkers — science. As more health professionals and doctors are stating the importance of getting kids back in school the other side that the press also ignores is that children are barely affected by the coronavirus. Annually more kids have contracted influenza, and more have died from it, and schools have never closed nationwide as a response. But in New York Mayor DeBlasio has a sterling solution to mandating school closings. While he is avoiding the severe jump in murders in town by painting the street he has formulated a plan — use state run buildings, government programs, and federal funding to gather masses of kids together for hours at a time.



‘’You Play David Duke, You Play Martin Luther King, You’re Partners In A Pizza Shop…Annnnnd – SCENE”

As we know, these days everything can be racist, so why not just accuse everything of being racist. Well…people are doing that, exactly. The latest hateful scourge perpetuating white supremacy is — you guessed it — Improvisational Groups! The LA Times has come out with a scathing expose that the city’s renowned improv theaters are actually incubators of hatred, intolerance…and probably Nazi sleeper cells. That is some deep-seeded hatred to be found in Los Angeles, in California, in the entertainment industry, in what is not exactly considered to be ground-zero for MAGA-hat-wearing racist infidels.


Feds Are Blamed For City Permitting Occupiers to Trash the City

Speaking of painting in the downtown area, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has shown himself to be a real piece of work. The man has perpetually just turned his city over to Antifa over the years and during the latest batch of protesting they have set up an autonomous area in town just like we witnessed in Seattle. With the federal authorities coming in town to round up the illegal perpetrators as Wheeler is incapable of doing, he had stern words for the unwanted arrivals. Antifa has completely coated the federal courthouse and other buildings with spray paint, and Wheeler had some snarky advice for the Secretary of Homeland Security. He told Chad Wolf his agents should just remain in their building, or leave town entirely. ‘’And in the meantime, I asked him to clean up the graffiti on local federal facilities.’’


When Never-Trumpers Say Being a Russian Agent is Not a Bad Thing

It was revealed this week that one of the names behind the ever-cranky and regularly incompetent The Lincoln Project was actually registered as a Russian agent. The details behind LP co-founder John Weaver having to be so registered because of his lobbying efforts are the stuff of hilarity. Bear in mind, this is the group that has revelled in pushing the Trump collusion theory as much as anyone. They have pushed the concept of Trump working on behalf of Russia and all the while one of their own has been…working on behalf of Russia. The best was as Weaver tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to extricate himself from the net of his own making, his registration was not something mined from deep in his past. The documents were from 2019, YEARS after anything involving Russia has been used as proof of…something.


Maybe The Word ‘’Skin’’ Was The Offensive Part

The Washington Football team is probably the most eager of any in the league to get around to playing football. Covid concerns have given way to the renewed call to change the hateful name of the team, and now the team-formerly-known-as-the-Redskins has become embroiled in a huge scandal of organizational sexual harassment. Maybe they could go forward with calling themselves The Washington Red Light District.



VICE Shines a Dark on Shadowbanning

This week there were shivers felt across the social media landscape when the Twitter hack led to only verified accounts being incapable from posting for a period of time. It was a rather nice period, when there was a distinct lack of lecturing Karen-like posts to be subjected to for a duration. Twitter, without Blue Check complainers — it was basically Parler. 

During the hack there was a brief exposure of the machinations at Twitter when some screenshots of an administration tool that revealed ‘’Blacklist’’ functions. This confirmed for some the denied practice of shadowbanning, and other similar silencing techniques, but the intrepid investigators at VICE were able to confirm — this was all MAGA conspiracy bunk. Their proof? Uh…well, Twitter told them. Then, after going to lengths to paint the pouncing conservatives as nuts, they had this helpful portion –  ‘’We can’t say with 100 percent certainty how the “Blacklist” tags work.’’ But they are certain what they are NOT.


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