The South Eastern Conference Threatens Mississippi Schools - Change the Racist State Flag or Lose Title Games

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(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)


A college governing body apparently needs some civics lessons.

Well, if you thought that the upcoming NFL season might be an insufferable slog with all of the promised player protests, and you hoped to have college football serve as a diversion, let me dash your hopes. The moronic controversy at Oklahoma State University over its head coach wearing a t-shirt is not the only dose of asinine activism. What is arguably the most powerful conference in the NCAA is ramping up the idiocy.


A state flag is being declared a racist symbol for having a display of the Confederate Flag within its display. The administration from the South Eastern Conference has come forward to declare that it is considering no longer allowing schools in the state of Mississippi to host the conference championships of various sports unless the state flag is altered. Now, as far as football is concerned, that is a non-starter, as the SEC title game is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. (More on that in a moment.) But as far as the other sports this is a possible threat.

What is curious about this is, of course, the reality that the universities themselves hold no direct influence over the decisions of the state government. Sure, the leadership can lobby on behalf of the action, but ultimately they are impotent to do anything directly. This means the conference leadership wants to impose a form of punishment over these schools for no stated infraction.

Further, the statement from the commissioner holds a level of ignorance. The two largest universities in the state — Ole Miss University, and Mississippi State — have removed the state flag from their campuses already over the alleged controversy. Both schools enacted this ban four years ago. Also, both universities support the SEC in this call for the change. So why is there this need to challenge their qualifications for title games?


And speaking of title games, why is the SEC not saying anything about that championship for football staged in Atlanta? Like the SEC, it appears ESPN is also historically challenged when it declared that Mississippi is the last state to have a Confederate symbol on its flag. Georgia’s state flag is in fact only a slight modification of the original Confederate flag.

These ignorant minds are the same ones loudly going around and dictating what is proper for states, while oblivious as to what else exists in their jurisdiction. Do we think the SEC is ready to pull their championship out of Georgia? They ave held the title game in The Georgia Dome and Mercedes Benz Stadium since the 1990s.

Doubtful, but then this is also the outfit that has a remarkable blind spot when it comes to oppressing and exploiting black students. They can give voice to all of the sympathy and support of black student-athletes in the name of social activism, but they still profit off of the physical toil of these same students, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars annually.


What do you say when these benefactors off of unpaid labor are the ones trying to say others are oppressing these students?


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