CNN’s S.E. Cupp Joins in With The Lincoln Project to Ridicule Condition of Trump but Stumbles Over Doddering Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump speaks during a Fox News virtual town hall from the Lincoln Memorial (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


It may feel like the trendy thing to do, but it involves ignoring months of evidence of far greater impairment.


If you missed out on the social media dogpile of President Trump yesterday, let me first congratulate you on leading a far more upright existence. For those of us mired in this line of work, we had to endure the snark-impaired never-Trump crowd as they attempted to build up video snippets of the President into a ginned-up controversy.

The interminable minds at The Lincoln Project used images of the President walking carefully down a stepping ramp following his speech at West Point, as well as drinking water with two hands, to be made into ‘’evidence’’ that he is suffering some type of impairment.

Last night CNN’s former conservative pundit S.E. Cupp decided to fall into pack mentality and join the hashtag created by the corrupt PAC group.

There is rampant idiocy behind this, of course. The bare video evidence given last night by The Lincoln Project was enough to spark some interest and get their hashtag trending…near midnight on a Saturday, when fewer people are online. But while they were crowing and backslapping in the NT bunkers over this hit-job, it did little to dispel the months of evidence that has been mounting daily of the displays we have seen from Joe Biden.


If the President taking careful steps, or drinking awkwardly is a sign of some kind of issue, what then is the assessment about the actions we have witnessed from Biden since he secured the party nomination; what would be said of Biden’s blatantly questionable actions? He has displayed rambling diction, losing his focus on subjects, odd declarations, and curious outbursts. Many times his staff has had to intercede when he apparently had lost his way in a discussion.

If the scant video evidence offered here is ‘’proof’’ of impairment then what can be said of the voluminous evidence concerning Biden’s ebbing faculties? If you are S.E. Cupp, very little is said. Nothing, in fact. She has not been nearly as concerned over what most of the country would consider blatant evidence of a problem with the former Vice President.

As for The Lincoln Project itself, their concern here over Trump’s condition is, it can be said, curious. They are making the announcement that Trump is displaying possible evidence of impairment, and that this is a disqualifying element to the man’s political career. Yet when you look across and see the mounting list of examples Biden is a man in some serious distress, they show no such concern. In truth, they only appear to become more enthusiastic.


As I wrote about recently, The Lincoln Project is an outfit that is supremely dedicated to only enriching its membership. Like all PACs, it is ever on the move for more donations so, of course, the grifters at TLP were looking to leverage this newfound interest. Once their new claim had some interest the very next thing to do, naturally, is make the expected appeal.

It says everything that this group uses, among the volume of Abe Lincoln graphics available, the images of the 16th President from the $5 bill. At least they are obvious in what their focus is usually on in their offices.


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