Defund the Thought Police - Part 4: Professional Athlete Loses His Job Over Words He Did NOT Say

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We have entered the era of swift action taken towards those who do not comport in the approved fashion.

(This is the latest in a series of reports detailing the way activists are wielding punishments for improper protest support.)


One of the truly venal ways that the cancel culture has metastasized in this current wave of aggressive activist rage is in the way we are seeing punishment being levied upon those who themselves are not guilty of an insurrection but have a relative with an objectionable element. As I wrote about earlier this week in Britain we saw the move of a university deciding to strip a residency hall on the campus of its name. A former prime minister was deemed as no longer worthy of being recognized, but not over anything he had done. No, it was because his father had been a slaveholder in the colonies, back in his day.

Now we are seeing this is set to become the norm. You are no longer just responsible for things that you say, or write, or post, or share — or even ”like” — you can also be held accountable for things that your family or loved ones say, write, post, or share. Yes, it is possible for you to be threatened with the end of your career because of something you did not even express. If it is your wife, we have come to understand, you are to be held responsible if she strays from the social activist talking points.

In Los Angeles thee professional MLS soccer team the LA Galaxy has released Serbian player Aleksander Katai because his wife posted things on her Instagram account regarding the furor over the George Floyd protests. In a few of the posts, his wife Tea had news images from the protests and wrote potentially inflammatory things, in her native Serbian language. This was enough to enrage people.


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When word got out of this an instant controversy erupted. Tea had made the posts last Wednesday and the very next day Alek was called in to the team offices concerning the matter. He was told to have the posts removed, and he complied. He also posted comments of his own, in full support of the black lives matter movement.

I am sorry for the pain these posts have caused the LA Galaxy family and all allies in the fight against racism. I strongly condemn white supremacy, racism and violence towards people of color. Black lives matter.”

This is the area now the leftist activists in this country have occupied. Gone are the days of women being empowered to speak their minds and to have their own voice. Now, husbands need to get their wives under control, because if they do not they will get fired. Keep the little lady in line when it comes to social signaling!

But, as we have come to learn over and over in such instances, apologies end up meaning little to the outrage mobs. They need a scalp, so following through with corrective action and apologies is never enough. Despite doing specifically what the team had asked of him, while condemning racism and also giving blatant support to the current movement the torches and pitchforks crowd arrived.

By Friday protestors arrived at the stadium, demanding that Katai pay the price with his livelihood. I cannot imagine getting worked up at all over comments made like this by someone with zero impact on my life. To go to the length of protesting outside a stadium and demanding someone lose their job, over comments they did not even make is as foreign to me as Aleksander’s Serbian language.


Yet this is where we are at as a nation. Whenever there is a perceived affront someone has to pay. If the guilty party is not significant enough, but their spouse is, then that is who needs to be brought down. What they fail to realize is that when you force someone to comply with your demands, but that does nothing and they still incur the wrath of punishment, then it will lead to the opposite happening eventually.

Soon people are going to realize that forced compliance is never recognized, and then they will not only refuse to comply but will take a more hostile stance towards your activism.







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