Now, in Michigan, the 'Ministry of Truth' Gets Involved as Gretchen Whitmer Wants to Institute Phone Tracing of Citizens in the Name of COVID Protection

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What can possibly go wrong…?

It is fair to say that some of the sparkle on Michigan Governess Gretchen Whitmer has worn off. Once the favorite daughter of the national media, the hyenas in the press corps seem to have softened some of their adoration for the Lady of Lansing. Once a regular guest on the talk circuit and a headline maven for being combative with President Trump, her policies within her state have angered the voting base. Her popularity just might be waning.


And it looks to continue. After inspiring protests with her obsessive power grabs it was discovered that Michigan was instituting a policy, like New York, of placing elderly patients testing positive for coronavirus back into nursing homes. Now to add to her record of overbearing governance we learn her state is ramping up a new program to track exposed individuals through their cell phones.

The announcement from the state says, ”By taking this seriously and doing their part, all Michiganders can be part of the solution.’’ What are we talking about here? When a person tests positive for the Wuhan virus the state wants to begin gathering personal information — not from those infected, but those in their personal orbit. Then the government will start reaching out to those individuals, compelling them to take shelter and self-quarantine.

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify their close contacts so they know how to take the appropriate precautions to keep themselves and community members safe.

The subtle group-think policy is palpable, and the practice seems rather chilling. The ”Contact Tracing’’ involves the state suddenly reaching out with phone calls to inform people of the possible exposure. ”To break the chain of infection, we’re calling anyone who has been exposed. The process is called contact tracing and it has been used to control diseases for decades. But you have to answer the phone for it to work.’’


Anyone who has tested positive will be asked by officials to provide a list of all the people they had been in close contact with two days prior to them experiencing any symptoms. The citizens will be contacted and urged to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Following this a Contact Tracer will continue to check in during this quarantine period. Can you not feel the safety and security already?

This plan hardly feels like anything approaching a good idea. You have a growing resentment towards the government already in place with the gentry and now, after displaying both leadership incompetence and political overreach for months, you will begin an invasive process of tracking citizens. This is starting to sound as if the cure may be worse than the disease itself.


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