San Antonio City Council: Describing the Chinese Virus in a Hateful Fashion Is More Dangerous Than Contracting It

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These are the stunted government minds who dictate how we conduct our lives?!

There is an old adage that politics is downstream of culture, and we are seeing this on display in Texas. For a time, the media in this country, in its bid to appease their overlords in the communist Chinese leadership, tried to sell us on the concept that calling the Chinese Wuhan virus by that name was racist. These simpletons were largely laughed at for the insipid position, and we as a nation moved on.


In the city of San Antonio, the local government is severely lagging behind the national trend, and yesterday, that city’s council members took on a deeply important task. They are concerned with addressing the proper way of speaking about the deadly Wuhan virus that the nation of China irresponsibly let loose on the planet. Local reporter Jaie Avila was on the scene to give us the details as they transpired.

Holy crap, is there a lot to untruck here. Let us begin with the labeling of this as ‘’hate speech’’. Exactly what virus is being offended when we describe it ACCURATELY as originating in the Wuhan Province of China? Next, since the government took the steps to record these terms, does that mean other terms not listed are not discriminatory? We can assume ‘’Wuhan virus’’ is still acceptable, as is the more accurate usage we have seen ‘’Kung Flu’’.

And lastly — ‘’anti-Semitic’’…for a Chinese virus?!?! I mean, Que Paso, SA??


But, as asinine as this political discussion was to have even taken place, it became more bizarre. There was apparently some heated debate regarding this issue, and political chicanery transpired.

I’m trying to imagine getting so incensed over this ridiculousness that I would be compelled to shut down an opposing viewpoint on this matter. I am trying, but failing. I do enjoy, however, that in a discussion of hate speech, someone’s freedom of speech was curtailed.

But then things went even further down the rabbit-hole of illogic. Try to imagine living in a city where your civic leadership thinks in this fashion —

People are dying from the Wuhan Chinese virus, but here we have a cerebrally-impacted government worker declaring that saying the wrong name of a virus is more dangerous than contracting said virus. Apparently, we have to believe that if you were to say ‘’Chinese virus’’ the impact on a Jewish individual would be worse for them than if they were to test positive for the Chinese virus.


But surely this was just some kind of posturing for the record, correct? I mean, this had to be a case where one or two members were simply saying these things in a desperate bid to have their comments recorded, to be used later for campaigning or such. Certainly, the entire council would dismiss this idiocy and move on to more important matters.

Oh, holy hell…

Let us pause for a moment and consider the ramifications of what has transpired. These pragmatically-challenged individuals have just come forward and declared that the bigger risk for a community is not a viral outbreak but describing a virus with ‘’improper’’ terminology. This means that they are closing down communities and blocking people from their livelihood not because of a danger but because of what people could be saying about the threat. They shut down their area not out of safety but to protect feelings.

Even Texas Senator Ted Cruz weighed in on the stupidity.


The most enraging aspect of this is that people are being prevented — even arrested — for trying to go to work. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, the local government is still permitted to operate — and this is what they choose to do with their time. These council members need to realize that they have managed to look more comically inept than any scene from an episode of ‘’Parks And Recreation’’. These members have proven if any enterprise needs to be shut down in this pandemic it is many forms of our government.


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