George Conway and His Never Trump Shipmates continue to Contradict Themselves, Now Involving Justin Amash

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When it comes to changing their positions at least they are consistent.

Justin Amash has made a name for himself in opposing President Trump, going so far as dropping out of the Republican party as a result. Amash just announced how he has intentions of joining the Presidential race, running on the Libertarian party ticket. Curiously, but in revealing fashion, Amash is not enjoying support from the crowd you might expect to embrace him warmly.


Whether it is the crowd from The Bulwark, the regular outrage artists seen on the news networks, or the token columnists retaining a position on staff by foisting a ‘’conservative’’ label onto the masthead, the cadre of contrarians operating under the Never Trump banner is at least aptly named. The one thing they do with unwavering intent is vocally oppose President Trump.

That their arguments or positions manage to frequently run headlong into previously made arguments or claimed policy positions does not matter. Being in possession of valid solutions is never an option. Delivering sound rebuttals and presenting workable alternatives is not in the mission statement. So long as they arrive at the endpoint of slamming Trump the lines in the flowchart can cross and cancel out as many times as needed. This is how Amash now finds himself marooned before his voyage has even begun.

George Conway has made a name for himself as being a loud grouser about Trump’s actions, sounding at times so unhinged that he is possibly only exceeded in the imbalanced ravings by Rick Wilson. What some may not realize is that Conway is also a big participant in The Lincoln Project, the avowed anti-Trump PAC with a gift for the grift. This is not the only reason Conway opposes an Amash campaign; he also manages to contradict himself.


As Jay Caruso showed earlier today, Conway was singing the praises of Justin less than a year ago. Not just in general but in direct reference to running for the Presidency.

So what changed? Frankly, Joe Biden. It comes down to nothing more significant than Biden is looked at as having the better chance of defeating Trump, dementia included. This is because Conway, and his Bulwark brethren, are not rooted in any fashion in core values. While they may declare they are striving to remain the last bastion of conservative ideals, their words and actions defy this claim.

Look at the assessment of Amash’s bid from another avowed Trump hater, Tom Nichols.

Recall hearing about this very behavior in 2016, where many of these same voices were declaring how a vote for a third party was in actuality a vote for Hillary? Now the pendulum is craning in the opposite direction in 2020, where fears of a result are eclipsing anything approaching sound political principles. This dismissiveness of Amash is not a cagey political analysis, it exposes the vacancy of the Never Trump movement.


These acclaimed vaunted minds are not offering an alternative. They claim to be in possession of the values of the mindset, to be the arbiters of ‘’True Conservatism’’, but consistently they never offer up conservative options. Who are the candidates they offered up to challenge Trump? Where is the platform that is drawing larger crowds to their side? What are the agenda items they present to win in the arena of ideas? These items do not exist.

In the 2018 midterms, Max Boot and Tom Nichols were loud proponents of Democrat candidates. Bill Kristol this year has touted the pro-infanticide governor with a racist past, Ralph Northam, because he can tilt the state away from the GOP. All of these same voices have not delivered a viable alternative to reinstalling conservative ideals in political office; they all uniformly back Joe Biden. They see him as the best chance to do what they have all been unable to accomplish.

Justin Amash would represent many of the claimed values and positions these wizened pundits loudly declare they strive to maintain. He is dispatched, jettisoned, forgotten before he can attempt to make an impression. This is because these people do not support a political movement, they simply oppose one man.


When that is the only thing that matters then you have no core values, you have no underpinning belief system. And you have no reason to be listened to in the arena of ideas.


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