So It Is No Longer Racist? Nancy Pelosi Appears to Call for Banning Citizens and Residents on CNN to Dunk on the President

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They do not need to keep the narrative straight in order to keep criticising the president.

It has become the hallmark of the media during this pandemic; contradicting themselves any time to make a political hit on President Trump has become the norm. The Democrats as well are partaking in this practice and when the two meet — well, it can hardly be surprising when the contradictions and hypocrisy rise to the forefront.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on CNN with Jake Tapper and the discussion concerned President Trump’s Travel ban from China back in January. That has become a problematic reality for the Democrats and the press. The complaint was Trump did nothing early on in response to the viral outbreak, but the January 30 decision defies that narrative. The complaints cannot remain straight, as he was scorned for not enacting the ban and then once he did charges of it being xenophobic were leveled.

This damned if he does AND doesn’t standard has been delivered from Pelosi herself. As the travel restrictions were expanded to Europe and other nations the Speaker was incensed.

‘The Trump Administration’s expansion of its outrageous, un-American travel ban threatens our security, our values and the rule of law.

Now her position today is that Trump did not go far enough in his cutting off of travel. This latest rebuttal to the administration pointing out their early calls to cease travel into the country has been made repeatedly this week, one rooted in ignorance and meant to only stoke discord. This newest argument is that it was not a ‘’complete’’ travel ban, as thousands were permitted to continue flying into the country.


What Nancy glosses over, like those others in the media who have made this point this week, is who was being permitted to land here in the States. Jake Tapper either fails here, or he is permissive; there was no pushback on her comments. As she noted, what was unique about those thousands allowed entry in the country? They were Americans, or they were legal residents. So Pelosi’s critique, in order to hold up, is that the president should have stranded American citizens outside of the nation.

As for those residents, these are documented individuals with residency in the country – that is, legal immigrants. Is Pelosi suggesting that we should have banned these documented individuals from reentry? That smacks of an action that Democrats and the press have opposed previously; it sure falls under the definition of policy they have in the past described as ‘’racist’’. Now Pelosi is in a real entanglement of her own making.

Keeping out those who are trying to enter the country illegally is a hateful race-based activity, but now blocking entry to those who are properly documented is acceptable. American citizens should have been prevented from returning home but when the travel ban itself was instituted that alone was called out as an intolerant act…except for that period before the ban, when Trump was irresponsible for NOT placing a travel ban in place.


It is becoming quite clear the Democrats and the press would be best served by not bringing up the travel restrictions at all. In their desire to make a political hit on both sides of the issue they are proving they have no standing at all on the issue.


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