Another CNN Source Shows Support for the Chinese Government in Order to Lash Out at the President

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When derangement overtakes common sense you need to reassess your condition.

It has been one of the disturbing aspects of the reaction to the viral outbreak. The willingness of the media complex to take the side of the communist regime in China has been both jarring to watch but also invigorating to witness; they are giving us every reason to dismiss their content. This default objection to anything involving President Trump leads them down some dark paths, and the latest example is both revealing and helpful.


Tara Setmayer is a podcaster and a contributor to CNN, as well as having connections to the anti-trump PAC The Lincoln Project. Setmayer recently tried to follow the recent Trump critique media narrative that has sprung up, contesting his claims about cutting off travel from China. This latest salvo in the viral fight against Trump is itself revealing.

One of the perpetual gripes from the press is that Trump sat and did nothing for weeks at a time when the virus was welling up as a threat. The details somewhat defy this claim, which is why the White House has released a timeline of its activities to refute such. Examples of the press and Democrats downplaying the virus while these steps were taken have done little to stem the accusations, but the fact that Trump suspended air travel in January is a dagger to the back. As a result, many journalists have resorted to refuting this action.

The newest rebuttal to this reality is to pick it apart. Many have said that it was not a complete ban, as there were set asides and other exceptions made to still allow travel from the region. This is alleged to have fueled some of the outbreak, by their argument, and Setmayer willingly stepped directly into this quagmire. Here is what the CNN personality had to say–


Oh dear, where to begin. Well, maybe by doing something that Tara was not willing to do and looking at the details. Those exceptions, which Setmayer seems to have an issue with, were made for rather valid reasons. Starting with the simple fact that it involved Americans. Of course, we would allow US citizens to return to the country, as well as their families. What is the alternative, Tara? Locking out our own people to fend in a hot zone? I am certain that would have been cause for media alarm.

The same holds true for Green Card holders, that is – legal residents of our nation. Documented and legalized immigrants are granted that access to return. Unspoken, of course, is that had Donald Trump prevented legal residents from returning he would have been branded racist for doing so. That is not hyperbolic guesswork; the president was dubbed xenophobic by numerous names simply for announcing his travel ban, let’s recall.

But this attempted takedown veers into the mirthful as Setmayer mentions the regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan. For most outside of the Mainland, these are independent territories, where residents absolutely do not consider themselves as Chinese, nor do those in Hong Kong and Macao. But according to Setmayer, they are part of CCP? The only other entity that tries to sell this unreality about those three regions — is the Chinese communist leadership.

The level of insipidness on display in just a solitary tweet here is impressive. Not only does this media figure try to sell the Chi-Comm party propaganda line but she also suggests that we should have left American citizens and legal residents to their own survival outside of our borders. She backs the communists and wants to abandon US citizens…all done simply for the purpose of slandering the president.


These are the kind of instances that need to be recorded and cataloged for future reference. It paints a needed picture to show how CNN personalities and others like them will back any horse, as long as it has a chance of hurting Trump in some fashion.


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