This Week Has Proven that No Matter What the Press Will be a Group of Miserable Scolds

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The media acts oblivious that their approval numbers have been tanking the past month.

It has been remarkable watching the nation’s media complex behave like they are at the cool kids table in the cafeteria. They act as if they are running the show and dictating who gets to see what, and when we get to see it. While acting out in their usual intolerable ways the press now has a much larger captive audience, which means more people are coming to the realization of how they behave. As a result the polls show a mounting number of people distrust the press.


Over the course of the past few months journalists have been a group of intemperate, petulant cranks. They cannot decide what to get mad about regarding President Trump; the only thing they can agree upon is that they are mad at him. The only thing left for them to do is to go find out why. This has led to a string of blatant contradictions in their reporting.

The early instance had been in reference to the president and a travel ban with China. First he was criticized for not having installed a ban, then when he did he was called ‘’racist’’ for doing so, and now the media has come around full circle and are now feigning outrage because he did not install the ban early enough. This impossible to please attitude has bloomed into full effect the past seven days.

Going back to last weekend we were in the throes of a scripted media outrage towards the White House Coronavirus Task Force director Dr. Deborah Birx. Following an initial call from the press that the President start taking directions from medical professionals he put together an impressive cast of experts, including Dr. Birx, a woman with an impeccable resume. Then she did the unthinkable — she said something complimentary about President Trump. The collective media spent the bulk of last weekend declaring this woman with a stirling decades-long record of medical service to the country had somehow become an invalidated source of medical knowledge because she paid the president a one-sentence compliment.


Additionally, the press had said it was important that they are updated frequently by the administration. Now, after the President saw his approval numbers for handling the crisis mushroom to all-time highs, the same press corps have been squawking about these daily briefings and called for networks to refrain from running them live. The networks want to edit down the briefings to control the messaging. The public meanwhile has been content to stream these live, watch on Fox News or CSPAN, or even follow along on FaceBook.

For Monday’s briefing Trump dispatched his normal task force set up in the press room and instead hosted a larger event in the Rose Garden, featuring a number of corporate executives, some of who spoke. CNN’s Oliver Darcy — the ‘’Tater-Tot’’ to Brian Stelter’s ‘’Tater’’ — proudly announced on Twitter how his network cut away from the briefing when Mike Lindell, the CEO of the My [Pillow company, was about to speak. What followed was a wave of snark from media figures who ridiculed Lindell’s appearance and criticized Trump over inviting him. What these pompously ignorant gas-bags missed was that Lindell, and the collection of other businessmen in attendance, were there as a result of their companies working now to provide goods and services to aid in the national battle against the viral outbreak. Lindell has converted 75% of his operation towards the manufacturing of surgical masks, as an example
One other humorous complaint from the press that day was that there was not an appearance from Dr. Birx nor Dr. Fauci. This, after working hard to convince the public of the invalidation of these names. One other reason Dr. Birx has become a target for media scorn – she is not adhering to their narrative that everything that is being done by the administration is wrong and incompetent. Birx has been more than willing to note how little information China provided ahead of the outbreak, and for those press members who have adhered the World Health Organization as a vaunted authority, Dr. Birx has also noted the WHO was downplaying the severity of the outbreak into February, well after significant steps were being taken by the administration.


Then we have the media still insisting that Trump pushing the possible cure of hydroxychloroquine for the virus is irresponsible and dangerous. This message continues to percolate, despite the fact that thousands of doctors from dozens of countries have been polled to say that of the numerous remedies for coronavirus they have employed the use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as the most highly rated treatment.

This information is available to the press. They can easily research it and glean the details. Yet they would rather insist on its use being controversial, keep hammering away at the president as irresponsible for suggesting it is effective. That they do so at the cost of public information and aid is the truly disturbing aspect of the behavior of our press complex.


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