A Coordinated Effort Is in Play With the Press to Discredit Dr. Deborah Birx for Complimenting President Trump

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


After demanding Trump listen to medical experts, the non-experts in the media slander a qualified physician.

The media, in their quest to not only control the Wuhan coronavirus narrative but to steer this ship onto a reef, will stoop to any level it takes to damage the administration. After numerous failed attempts to create a rift between Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump, the latest target of the scorn from the press is Dr. Deborah Birx, the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.


After weeks of heading up the response team and guiding the daily press briefings with a more than capable hand, Dr. Birx had been receiving high marks for a time. She has displayed a wide knowledge and a more than capable hand both at the briefing and on the numerous television appearances she has made. As a result, the administration has been receiving high approval numbers from the public for their handling of the crisis, and the press has been at a loss, to the extent of calling for networks to stop carrying these briefings.

Now, finally, the press believes they have found a crack in the armor. During a recent appearance on the CBN news broadcast, Dr. Birx did the unthinkable on camera; she said things of a complimentary nature about President Trump. Upon seeing this, the press — as they so love to accuse conservatives — pounced. In short order, numerous verified authority figures came forward to declare that, overnight, Dr. Birx managed to go from a highly esteemed medical professional with an envious career to a woman who is completely discredited and not worthy of listening to any further.

Leading the charge was Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU. He not only takes Dr. Birx to task for her glowing words, but he gets antithetical by completely misquoting her, attributing words not spoken in order to condemn the woman.


Rather astounding to behold this from someone who is charged with guiding the next generation of journalists, but apparently forwarding an agenda is far more crucial than correctly quoting a source. But we see that Rosen is hardly an outlier. At Vox, they too received the memo, essentially saying she has been discredited for saying “He’s been so attentive to the scientific literature and the details and the data.” That is the extent of the controversy, daring to suggest something about Trump other than the accepted narrative.

Of course, in true Vox fashion, they give their reasoning behind the criticism of Trump’s actions. First, the outlet scorches the President for his early halt of flights from China, something most countries have also invoked. Then it decries that Trump had a ‘’lagging coronavirus response’’. So, at once, he is to blame for acting too impetuously early on and for not reacting in a properly rapid fashion. Well explained, Voxers!

The New York Times also jumped in, stating that her complimentary words ‘’have raised questions about her independence,’’ using that time-tested method of hearing other news outlets coordinating their messaging as a ruse to suggest this is a widespread ‘’word on the street’’ style of reporting.


Maggie Haberman then sat in on a panel with Brian Stelter and, when asked if it was proper to have the media trying to create a rift between the major names in the White House response she gave a wan excuse.

Dr. Birx is a woman with a storied career with numerous commendations. She was tapped by President Barack Obama to be the United States Global AIDS Coordinator, and has been respected in the Washington orbit, serving as a vital military medical leader, and also working in the CDC. Hers is a career that demands respect and attention to be paid.

This is the level of seriousness the media actually holds on the matter. While they are attempting to tear down one of the most qualified individuals in the country, look at who these concerned experts in the media turn to for information.


The sniping medical amateurs in the press now want to declare her career over for having made a lone complimentary statement they did not like. The fact that it bolstered the stature of the President is all the reason they need to turn into sophomoric scolds, and they need to be laughed at derisively for any further comments of this nature.


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