Joe Lockhart Adds to the Viral Outrage By Criticizing the President for Not Engaging in...Photo-Ops??

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

 (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


The pattern continues where the level of outrage rises with the drop of import in the issue.

One of the more enraging things we have had to endure with this Wuhan pandemic is the insistence of the press and leftists to focus on trivialities without lending anything helpful for the public good. Former Clinton administration figure Joe Lockhart is striving to become one of the more insipid figures in this time, lending little in the way of constructive help and instead joining in with the bickering bloviators.


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Lockhart’s latest salvo in trying to sound relevant – while becoming intolerable — is to suggest that President Trump is not doing enough as leader of the country during this crisis. Joe actually does offer up his suggestions in order to appear helpful. These, however, do not help in his image.

Joe is following suit here as well with the common practice of late of being critical with contradictory standards in order to burn the President on both sides of an issue. In this timeframe of the press and many others declaring how vital it is for people to stay home and self-sequester, here is Lockhart suggesting the President get out there in public. Not just interacting with others, but co-mingling with those who are on the front lines of the viral treatment centers.


Fine job Joe — suggesting the 72-year-old President go out and greet those first responders and emergency room workers with the highest risk of exposure. This sounds very close to wishing harm, or worse, upon the leader of the country.

President Trump’s safety aside, what exactly is expected to be helpful with him attending an emergency room staff? These people are already stretched thin, and in a high-stress environment, the last thing they want when attending the infirm and afflicted is the upheaval of a Presidential visit. Then roll in the risk you are visiting upon the Secret Service and other support staff for their required attendance.

Additionally insipid is his plan to meet with small business owners. At this stage most non-essential businesses are closed. How is he helping by standing in front of a shuttered business, meeting with those who are not there? Even those businesses that remain open usually have limitations on how many are permitted to be in attendance, and a Presidential entourage would push those limits to breaking, in most cases.


But Lockhart wants to sound self-important here, while scorching the President for not engaging in a symbolic activity that would accomplish little, to nothing. I think it is the proper time for Joe Lockhart to socially-separate from the rest of the country now, and if he could remain silent in his quarantined state that would be great.


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