Dan Crenshaw Calls Out The Democrats as Liars When They Turn Political to Block the Virus Relief Bill

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Not that you would see this in the press, so it helps when a Congressman opens up.

It was a rather staggering turnaround. The Democrats, who have been getting copious amounts of air time in the media to complain about President Trump’s alleged inactivity regarding the Wuhan virus relief and accusing him of not caring about victims, suddenly came up and spiked the very rescue bill they had touted. Amazingly they are defying their very words, with little price to pay.


The shock is not that the Democrats would turn political on the matter; it is just how little resistance in the press was realized after an about-face on the bill in less than a 24 hour period. Yes, the media is blatantly in bed with the Democrats on this pathogen crisis, but even they would certainly see a problem with Chuck Schumer praising the bill he and the Democrats helped write, only to turn around and trash it less than 12 hours later, solely on the direction of Nancy Pelosi.

But while the media is biting its tongue at least we have a GOP politician willing to call them out on their prevarications. Dan Crenshaw was not only willing to dispute the claims but as a politician to say they are outright lying, and then provide the proof it is a refreshing and welcome dose of rebuttal.


This must be a case where the Democrats are counting on the press to run with their talking point accusations, not bothering to delve into the details of the matter. After all, when the New York Times is willing to repeatedly alter headlines when they initially made the Democrats look bad, it is understandable why the Dems would be confident in how they get covered.

It seems more than apparent Democrat imagery was behind all of this whiplash reaction. At some point upon her return to D.C. Pelosi realized that a bi-partisan bill would not deliver enough positive political capital. Either it had to be redrawn as a mostly Democrat bill, or there had to be a number of pet projects attached. At one point the party attempted to spot-weld union carve-outs, green energy tax breaks, and airline emission standards onto the legislation.


Once they were called out for this abrupt change in their narrative the Dems attempted to turn this onto the GOP, fabricating their claims of favoring corporate interests over those of workers/citizens. Crenshaw is one authoritative voice correcting the record on the chicanery attempted in passing the blame. Getting that message out to the mass public will be the challenge, given our arbiters of the official record are loathe to explain things in too much detail.


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