More Chinese Aggression Exposed by the Virus as Drug Cartels Lose Supply of Base Products from China

AP Photo/Andy Wong

 (AP Photo/Andy Wong)


Mexican syndicates lose out on needed components for opioid production from the Chi-Coms

One of the growing realities of the outbreak of the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus is the critical eyes being placed on our overreliance of Chinese goods for our nation. Just one example is how it has been revealed that an overwhelming amount of our ingredients for various medications produced in this country derive from China. There has been talk within the makeup-beauty industry, as another example, to diversify more of its supply chain to domestic and alternative nations, and other industries are also exploring similar options.


The pandemic is having a similar effect on the criminal organizations as well, and it is just another example of why we should be casting a harsher analysis on the communist leadership of China. One area in Mexico affected is that the supply chain of counterfeit goods making it to the black market is being pinched off now due to the halt of shipments. This is affecting the financial relationships with shopkeepers paying extortion to the crime syndicates; if they cannot get the illegal goods they cannot make these racketeering payouts.

The crime syndicates have another challenge, and this one exposes China’s hostility towards the U.S. in a normally overlooked sector. The opioid crisis has long been a concern in this country, and it is recognized the primary delivery point of this product is through the porous Mexican border. However, now these drug syndicates are feeling some pain because their primary source of root products to create the opioids has been locked down — that is mainland China.

The shutdown of Chinese production, as well as rampant border closings, has made it increasingly difficult for the Mexican drug cartels to receive the shipments of origination elements to make their fentanyl. These chemical precursors are mostly purchased from China, and then the processed opioids are moved across our border to feed our drug trade. It has been years of political wrangling to address this growing scourge in our nation, but now we see the exposure of a key component in this battle.

With China willing to do business with the drug cartels in Mexico it reveals the open hostility the Chi-Com leadership has for our nation. It becomes another layer of dangerous influence the communist leadership can exact upon our country. Exposing this component in the drug trade should be key so that more political leverage can be applied to that nation regarding these supply lines it is willing to keep open.


There may be a number of ways that our various relationships with the Chinese marketplace become altered as a result of the fallout from this particular outbreak. The revelations of the ruling party being in denial and cynical during the early days of the outbreak will hopefully lead to a shift in numerous connections we currently have with that country. If this can lead to influencing their actions with the illicit activity affecting our country it becomes all the better for us longterm.


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