The RedState Box Office Report - Seeing Through the Profits

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)


A surprise was spotted on screens.

Things are going to take an interesting turn in the studio system as a title from a deposed franchise has had a surprising debut. Decisions may need to be made going forward. Otherwise in an unremarkable weekend in a typically soft month, there was some robust business in theaters. Either fans were eager to get out of the cold and hunker in a warm theater, or the XFL games were just not compelling enough to keep them home.

1.  THE INVISIBLE MAN – $29.0 Million
Chalk up yet another win for producer Jason Blum. The man renown for turning a profit on discount-budgeted projects has hit success again. Beating projections by a few million this remake of the classic from the monster vaults at Universal pictures could have executives at the studio rethinking their strategy with their deposed project of a ‘’Dark Universe’’. Initially, the studio planned to build an ongoing franchise with all of the various horror monsters in the studio vaults, but following the failure on the big-budgeted Tom Cruise attempt at ‘’The Mummy’’ Universal pulled the plug on the project. Betting that a strategy is at least being outlined to see if Blum could rejuvenate the plan in his coupon-cutting process.

Continuing its strong run (see what I did there?) It has become a legitimate hit. At the same stage of release this has a bigger box office than last year’s ‘’Detective Pikachu’’.

3.  THE CALL OF THE WILD – $13.2m
Following a just-okay opening Harrison Ford’s role in the classic novel adaptation held respectably, with only a -47% drop in week two. Still will need some more time to run free before even seeing profitability.

The anime franchise ‘’Heroes Academy’’ has its devoted fanbase, evidenced by this surprising turn. Showing on just over 1,200 screens it sports the second-highest screen average on the list. Funimation Studio has a steady record with these properties.

5.  BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – $4.3m
It is only gradually shaking off a few hundred theaters each week, lasting well for Sony. It just crossed over the $400 million global total, and within days will have made it to $200 million domestically.

Sporting yet another title for this misfire, Warners has blatantly struggled with this effort. It has managed to earn over $100 million in the international market, but domestically it has not even crossed the $80 million mark yet.

The hit show from Tru-TV has the four friends branching out on the pranks to cinemas. Opening on a slight release of 1,900 screens it at least met expectations.

8. 1917 – $2.67m
Working on the last fumes from the post-Oscars high. It may have lasted longer if it took the expected major awards.

9. BRAHMS: THE BOY 2 – $2.62m
Not a great sign of life when it tumbles -55% and after two weeks has yet to earn $10 million.

10. FANTASY ISLAND – $2.33m
The laughably bad horror-fusion will somehow make it to $25 million, which strikes as a bit of a surprise.