The Iowa Caucus Tabulation Has Only Become Worse -- Corrections Issued on Released Figures, and Even Those Are Incorrect


The Democrat party appears in complete disarray. 

It will be entering the third full day since completion of the Iowa Caucus and still the results are not finalized. The facts coming out of the Hawkeye State is that the already maligned vote process has morphed into an abject disaster. It is approaching fiasco levels of incompetence.


As of midnight Wednesday the Caucus results were still only at 92% of precincts reporting, but there is a growing suspicion that even after days of working over the ballots these figures are quite possibly incorrect. The state party issued an announcement that it had to issue a correction to the last batch of released results. It did not state what those entailed, but as the day was winding down it became apparent it was a significant issue.

One of the first issues spotted was that with the latest updated returns that long out of the mix candidate Duval Patrick suddenly was shown to be in possession of 21 delegates, the result of receiving over 1,700 votes. When 75% of precincts were reported Patrick stood with zero delegates.

In one Des Moines precinct alone there was all manner of bungling shown to have happened. To set the already warmed up conspiracy theorists from the Bernie Sanders camp into a full boil, Patrick was found to be credited with hundreds of votes that belonged to Sanders. Also Tom Steyer was given votes that belonged to Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang had been shown with zero votes when people in the precinct had been on site supporting him.

As this ridiculously long process is grinding forward it is being revealed that this is hardly an isolated example. One precinct chair was so frustrated by the process he turned to social media to post results. Chris Schwartz is the Supervisor of elections in Blackhawk County was at a loss as to why his precinct was not being reported. They had submitted their final count over 24 hours prior, and calls to the state party headquarters were only more frustrating.


So Schwartz went ahead and posted his official vote results online. Then when the state party released the official results for Blackhawk there were significant differences in the totals shown.

Then in yet an additional county, this time in Polk, they too have reported that their results were incorrectly shown by the state party. This happened in multiple Polk precincts.

It is very easy to say that this exceeds the understated description of a ‘’minor correction’’ is needed. When multiple counties have numerous precincts stipulating their figures were being incorrectly reported the problem is cause for concern, if not outright alarm.

CNN reported that one election official detailed how the app they were tasked with using was visibly altering their counts as they sent them to the capital. ‘’A precinct chair in Iowa said the app got stuck on the last step when reporting results. It was uploading a picture of the precinct’s results. The chair said they were finally able to upload, so they took a screenshot. The app then showed different numbers than what they had submitted as captured in their screenshot.’’


The problems have been legion out of Iowa and, at this stage, they appear to be even bigger than feared. There is every reason for questions about the integrity of the results to be asked. When Democrat precinct officials are the ones calling out the inaccuracies from the official results posted by the state party that indicates the internal distrust is apparent.

Now the word is that the DNC will be stepping in to take over the recount. The same DNC that foisted this system onto the state.


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