Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Not Had Enough Attention -- So She Declares She Will Boycott the State Of The Union Address, Because Reasons…

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When AOC will not RSVP the SOTU most just SMH, or LOL.

It has been notable that the intensity surrounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been on the wane for months now. A once regular presence in news cycles and social media virals she has been fading in prominence. There is a bit of irony that activities like the impeachment have risen to overshadow her usual bleating countenance, considering it is an action she and her squad members have promoted.


Maybe the lack of traction the Democrats have had with impeachment and the more damage their party has absorbed as opposed to what they hoped to inflict on President Trump has had an effect. It is possible this led to the Dems losing their ardor for these freshmen, whom they had previously paid deference to by rote. Whatever the cause it seems she has noticed the loss of attention and is striving to regain her import.

Alex From The Bronx came forward to volunteer that she has arrived at a very bold decision. She apparently feels that her followers will swoon appropriately over her announcement over what she will be doing tonight.

I feel like a ‘’GASP’’ is the desired reaction this tweet was designed to elicit. The ”much deliberation’’ phrase was a nice touch. I suppose we are meant to be impressed by the bravery behind the decision to not do something. We are expected to be overwhelmed with the concept of a political leader deciding to not do her job.


Further undermining this already underwhelming decision was AOC going on to detail just what she will be doing instead of attending. This was an impressive tweet, in that she managed to overdramatize her decision regarding tonight and she undermined her entire messaging behind her decision.

It was deeply personal and a grave decision to stay home. I think everyone should consider the level of bravery behind this action. And then everyone should laugh. The best though is her declaring that she will be fielding questions about the speech with her people. This will involve her watching the President speaking, and then hosting a Q n A with voters. That is effectively normalizing the speech. She is addressing it and by extension, she is legitimizing it.

But at least she will not be in the chambers with self aggrandizing posturing. There will be no selfie opportunities, and she will not be glomming any camera time. Her chance of boosting her waning exposure will be missed. This may not have been thought through all the way.


In sharp fashion, Senator Lindsey Graham had a response to the bold announcement made by the freshman Representative from New York.

Must be painful for a committed socialist to hear the RECORD accomplishments regarding economic growth and prosperity we have achieved under President Donald Trump.

Just, damn. That is a solid shot across the bow…and creating a good impact on the deck as well.


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