‘Monitoring The Situation’ -- Pelosi Blows off VP, Misses Announcement of Missile Attack, Attends Restaurant Opening

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She says she wants to be involved, but she doesn’t actually want to be involved…

I deliver no shocks, nor awe, when I inform you that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become a walking parody. The woman once regarded as one of the most powerful figures in Washington has since recoiled into a risible figure. Tuesday night was one fraught with a comedy of actions that continue the dismayed stature she displayed much of last year.


Since her re-ascendency to the Speakership after the 2018 midterms Pelosi has had a tough struggle to reacquire the impressive stature she once held. The House has accomplished little since the Dem takeover. After touting them boldly, The Squad has delivered far more headaches than results. She tried vainly to talk her party out of impeachment proceedings, but they ignored her commands and undertook that process, embarrassing themselves along the way. Now she sits on the voted articles without any indication on what will be done.

Meanwhile the Middle East is roiling, and she is straining to appear as a central figure. Last night she attempted to sound as if she were directly plugged in to the events and working alongside the administration to control the scenario.

Except, not so much. When rockets were fired on US installations within Iraq on Tuesday the administration was closely monitoring the events. As the aggression was taking place officials tried to bring The Speaker into the loop of what was happening. Key word in that sentence — ‘’tried’’. It turns out that Pelosi was not of the mind to be bothered with the pertinent details.


Bear in mind, Nancy was not being pestered with a note about a call from a Hill staffer or a journalist — it was from the Vice President. This is the same woman who not so long ago was bemoaning to the press how she was not properly being included in administration affairs. Mike Pence himself was grilled over this very issue. Now we see attempts being made, as she dismisses the outreach.

Minutes later, however, Pelosi was passed another note, this one giving details of the rockets being fired and it was only then that she called out to the Vice President regarding the attacks. The reason stated for the Speaker’s dust-off of Pence was attributed to her being far too preoccupied with a Democrat closed-door meeting as well as her need to preside over The House.

Oh, and she had to attend a restaurant grand opening.

Somehow, in the course of her ‘’too busy to speak with Pence’’ schedule Nancy Pelosi managed the time to attend a gala debut of a new 5-star eatery in the D.C. area Tuesday night, during all of the global upheavals.


Seems she was certainly closely monitoring the tapas tray and the waiters delivering San Pellegrino. Now I am certain this was a pre-scheduled event, one she briefly attended in the course of her night. She is permitted the time to dine and take a break. But the optics here are horrible, considering a crisis was brewing and she has recently complained of being kept out of the decision-making circle.

Maybe Tuesday night was not the time to be out glad-handing at a PR event inside a swank new restaurant in town. Or maybe, next time a crisis situation rears up, instead of sending a note to the House chambers Mike Pence should have it delivered to the pasta bar out in the Naval Yards.


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