Journalists Attempt to Claim Only Conservative News Outlets Traffic in Conspiracies When Research Proves Otherwise

It’s almost as if they are pushing a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories…

One common theme in the press during the Trump-era has been noting examples of ‘’gaslighting’’ by either the president, the media on the right, or frequently both. More than just an incorrect story or a basic lie told gaslighting is more involved, as it connotes a long-running storyline known to be false, in an attempt to insist something not true actually exists.

This week we were delivered a passel of mirth as some journalists bandied about the concept of conspiracies being promoted in the news cycles. Nothing shocking in itself, but then some of the players tried to insist that when it comes to pushing these tinfoil-chapeau treatises it always derives from the conservative side of the media complex. To say this is a desperate reframing of facts is understatement. To note the lack of curiosity from these very same notables is notably hilarious.

Consider that for a moment — media figures bemoaning the practice of pushing a false narrative, after spending approximately three years telling us Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was an actual event. Almost appears they are saying that only they are allowed to engage in such a practice.

Now there is an argument they could use as a dodge, making the attempt to claim that collusion was an ongoing federal investigation and therefore a legitimate news story. Granted, it was one the press frequently participated in and influenced greatly, going far beyond being innocent spectators to the event, but let us for this practice play Lucifer’s PR team and allow them that as a legitimate news story. There still remains a laughable amount of recent news coverage by the leftist press corps that falls under the category of conspiracy talk.

Like many media malaprops, this one begins with Matt Yglesias. Matty-Y was pontificating on the Jefferey Epstein story, and how it seems to be unfairly pushed along by those dastardly minds on ‘’the right’’.

In that brevity is so much revealing humor. Looking first at this unbiased media player upset that a news story is not delivering the hoped-for political injury of the president, it appears Yglesias is forlorn that a narrative is working against his interests. Huh. But real amusement rests in that this is a supposed journalist decrying the fact that a news story has somehow gotten away. Doing his job and reporting on the facts is not an option? That is curious.

Of course, we know the reason is that the press cannot dig too deep into the Epstein affair because the first thing their shovels will hit against is a chest of buried Clinton evidence. This means the only course of action is to run with the supposition of guilt and make claims that those on the right are engaged in speculative rumor-mongering. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post joined in arms with Yglesias to aid in the distraction.

And then just to cement the hilariousness of this claim Weigel’s comment was retweeted by none other than CNN’s media maven and press corps Hall Monitor Brian Stelter. So this gaggle of newsmen wants to claim that only the right forwards these wild and unsubstantiated news stories? Well, why don’t we undertake what used to be a basic practice in journalism and conduct some research?

In order to begin collecting examples we need to stretch all the way back to the far reaches of…a couple of weeks ago. Recall, this was when President Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed medical center. For days this led to nothing but rampant theorizing in the press that something was medically wrong. Absent anything approaching verifiable proof numerous outlets speculated on Trump’s condition, even getting specific and declaring it a heart condition.

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Speaking of Stelter, he was the one leading the charge about Trump and the hurricane-Sharpie incident. Recall, this was when the president held a presser in the Oval Office about Hurricane Dorian in September and when he held up a tracking map he ad-libbed by using a marker to widen the circle of probability to include portions of Alabama. Stelter and Company beat on the president for days over this despite the fact he was actually correct. Trump had referred to an NOAA wind advisory map to make his new markings, and Stelter ‘’proved’’ him wrong by resorting to the storm’s eyewall projection map, an arguably narrower field.

CNN and others tried to build up a conspiracy within the administration, supposedly forcing NOAA directors to comply and call Trump correct. Except they did not have to — the wind projection map from NOAA had been issued minutes before Trump went live. So he was accurate all along. Yet Stelter had declared this was Trump’s biggest lie he had told since he was in office, all in the attempt to create a story where there was no story.
[ASIDE-Stelter even commented this hurricane map shows that Trump has a functional problem with geography…then a day later CNN put up a hurricane map and they listed the state of Alabama as ‘’Mississippi’’. Grand stuff, that.]

Let us also Revisit another hospital-related non-story. Recall when the First Lady was apparently missing, and this was cause for rampant speculation? Melani was not seen at public events for a few days and there was all manner of crackpot theories being pushed about strife in the Trump marriage and what this meant for the First Couple. However to go down that road with Reynolds Wrap strapped to their heads journalists had to ignore two core facts; reporters had stated they saw Mrs. Trump in the halls of the White House at the time, and her press office had clearly announced she was recovering from a recent hospital procedure.

On his program, Reliable Sources Stelter even posted a calendar that was choked with question marks of the ”missing’’ First Lady. Apparently he did not have a source in the White House affirming that she was in the hospital for a kidney procedure.

Then the press tried to have a field day with an official transcript of a press conference with Vladamir Putin. There was a supposedly damning question about the election that was allegedly scrubbed by the White House. What had happened was there were two video feeds that day — one of the news broadcasts, and one of the translator’s comments. The translated version did not have the question as it was inaudible on that feed. Rachel Maddow spent days on this ‘’conspiracy’’, and it was picked up by other outlets as well.

Stelter amusingly enough was promoting Maddow’s crackpot broadcasts on the matter at the same time his own network was debunking it as a non-story. The very fact that these journalists were attempting to accuse the White House of hiding some information that these same journalists already had in a video feed never occurred to them.

But take comfort folks, the leftist press is vastly above these hairbrained unfounded news stories. In fact, they will tell you all about how they never engage in this activity — just take their word on the matter.


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