At CNN Brian Stelter Breaks Open Huge Story on ABC -- Trump Deletes a Tweet About a Dancing Show!

Well, at least he is watching ABC — so he is getting closer…?

Brian Stelter, CNN’s hall monitor when it comes to journalism, was very preoccupied on Monday evening. As the self-described media watchdog (think of a Corgi yapping in a window sill) I suppose you can say he was doing his job, as he was watching some media. But he was not exactly plunging deep into journalistic intrigue.

No, Brian was closely monitoring the developments on a culturally significant event — the latest episode of “Dancing With The Stars”. He was also obsessively keeping tabs on the Twitter account of President Trump. All of this is surrounding the appearance of former White House figure Sean Spicer as a contestant. Many a leftist and journalist has expressed outrage that Spicer has lasted as long as he has on the show, due in large part to the voting public favoring Spicer.

Imagine that, leftists outraged at a voting result.

Well last night the hectoring class finally got their wish and Spicer was dismissed from the competition, and Mr. Stelter was on the case! Not only was he keeping us apprised of the results but he noted something very dramatic happening with Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Seriously. This is what had Stelter’s focus over at ABC. It really is unclear what the need for this update on the machinations of a frivolous program was, but the level of pettiness with this is amazing. The man who had a big scoop on the spelling errors in the President’s tweeting now is alerting the world that he has altered his feed based on the results of a dancing show. What is the scoop here? That Trump deleted a tweet in violation of federal law?

People actually think this way. Look, I’m not one to suggest Brian needs to be on “Media Alert” 24/7 and all of his free time needs to be dedicated to work-related items. Last night though he felt compelled to send this out on his Twitter feed, and his inclusion of Trump’s supposed malfeasance here rings as an important report. Meanwhile a serious and important story transpiring in the news division of the same network as the dance competition has received zero attention from Stelter and Co.

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The revelation that ABC News spiked the Jefferey Epstein scandal years back is a story completely avoided by Stelter’s media magnifying glass. Brian has been radio-silent on the subsequent investigation into the leaked footage and the firing of an employee at CBS News for being the suspected source. There has been no curiosity whatsoever from Tater about the possibility that the wrong person had been identified and fired over the incident. All of this swirling drama in a media-based story has been roundly ignored by the media-focused media expert.

But deleted tweets about a mindless dance competition and social media typos are fastidiously recorded and detailed by Mr. Stelter. That this 34-year-old feels these topics are important while CNN is on full blackout regarding the media connections with Epstein is about the best example of how our contemporary media complex operates.

They still think they control the narrative of the country. It becomes most revealing once we learn what they try to prevent from being revealed to the public.