Planned Parenthood has Become Embedded in Hollywood to Promote Onscreen Abortions

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While claiming to downplay the importance of terminations, PPFA has become an entrenched fixture in entertainment.

There has always been a bond between Hollywood and Planned Parenthood. Abortion is something of a sacrosanct act with the celebrity set out there and there has been no shortage of vocal voices in support of the nation’s biggest abortion server. But now we learn that the alliance has developed into more of a professional partnership.


Meet Caren Spruch, who is an outreach liaison for Planned Parenthood working in conjunction with studios and content creators inside the entertainment industry. Caren’s official title is “Director of Arts and Entertainment Engagement”, which is a high-minded way of describing what is her actual position — Hollywood’s abortion lobbyist.

Spruch began her endeavor years ago with the intention of seeing to it that abortions are not only featured with more regularity but also portrayed in a positive light on screen. During her brief tenure Spruch has encouraged more productions to take on storylines in which characters opt for the choice to terminate their pregnancy, as well as to not have it portrayed as a detrimental process for them to go through.

By her own estimate in the five years since she has taken on this role Spruch says she has ushered through up to 150 instances of abortions shown on screen.

Hollywood has embraced her. When she initially began Spruch was in something of a door-knocking position, seeking out potential properties that could incorporate her desired activity and trying to convince others to include it. She would circulate in places like the Sundance Film Festival to begin developing alliances with actors and others in the industry.


Now she has grown in stature to the degree that she is the one sought out. Not only do writers and producers contact Spruch about details in a plot, for instance, but she is now actively working on screenplays, and serving as a script doctor for abortion-heady scenes. Says one writer-producer in an excitable fashion, “She’s like Planned Parenthood’s secret weapon!”

This of course flies in the face of the tired spin often heard from pro-aborts in the debate. It used to be that they tried to downplay the zeal behind their cause, saying things like no one is happy about getting the procedure, and how it is needed service for some. Nobody celebrates getting their abortion, has been the claim.

But nowadays the organization is looking to the glamour of Hollywood to elevate the status. One other program Spruch worked with is “Shrill”. That 30-minute comedy is written by Lindy West, and an abortion was a central aspect of the pilot episode, which launched the character into a new and improved version of her life. West is also the creator of the activist outfit “Shout Your Abortion”. This is all a decided turn in the language used by pro-abortion members, and there is a reason for this.

Despite all the talk of a Democratic Blue Wave last November there has been a noticeable turn politically in the abortion debate. Recently six states have undertaken tougher abortion legislation, and up to thirty have bills offered or have otherwise explored similar laws. Despite the Democrats taking control of the House what has been quietly overlooked is that during the Obama administration on the state and local levels the GOP experienced significant gains. The electorate has become decidedly conservative, and there is a push for these bills.


The tired argument of “old white males” forcing these laws falls apart under scrutiny. Most of the bills have been written or co-written by female politicians. In fact, in Louisiana its new 6-week abortion law was crafted by a black female in the state house, and signed into law by a Democrat governor.

So there is a need for Planned Parenthood to combat this groundswell of opposition to its pet service. Look at how they may try to claim that abortions amount to only 3% of the services the organization provides, but its actions defy that dismissive statistic. Tens of millions of dollars are poured into political donations to entirely pro-abortion Democrat politicians. Just last week PPFA announced it was sinking $45 million into anti-Trump efforts and its desire to see the Senate flipped to Democrats.

This expenditure, and the growing pressure to have Hollywood glamourize abortion defies logic in claiming it is such a minuscule component of its operations. Clearly Planned Parenthood feels this is an important enough procedure that it has embedded an activist into the studio system, with the hopes of altering the culture to a more approving stance.

Normalizing a procedure that polls continuously show is opposed by the public, and at a time when record lows are recorded of abortions being performed, is the needed effort to remain relevant. Just do not believe them any longer when they try to sell the idea of no one actively celebrating abortion – not when celebrities are marshaled to tout the procedure.



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