The Ukraine Impeachment Desperation Exposes Democrats and the Press as Incapable of Dealing With a Non-Politician

The Ukraine Impeachment Desperation Exposes Democrats and the Press as Incapable of Dealing With a Non-Politician

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)


It is a true aphorism in that it delivers the goods in a pithy fashion. In describing the level of targeting President Trump has received a person has said, ‘’They are not targeting him, they are targeting us. He’s just standing in the way.’’ Sure, it’s an oversimplification, but that last sentence explains much of the behavior we have been seeing out of Washington in regards to the President of late.

Beyond the easy explanation of chalking it up to Trump Derangement Syndrome what we are seeing playing out is a combination of frustration and desperation out of the Democrats, and by extension many members of the media. Consider the level of political attacks, and how they have been pervasive since Trump was sworn into office. Any normal politician would have been rendered in some capacity and that is exactly the point, and it is also the reason.

Trump, to put it quite simply is not a politician, and that reality has stymied the politicians and those who cover politics.

The Ukrainian controversy and its attached hopes for impeachment have exposed a certain high level of flailing by Democrats. Many members of that party have been insistent on bringing up impeachment hearings, for years now. The Russian collusion certainty has been as successful as an Atlantean fireworks display. The assured scandal that would fell the President at the hands of Stormy Daniels has instead seen her losing a judgment, and her lawyer on the verge of losing a career. The Dems have been so desperate that they explored impeachment hearings this summer on the basis that Trump had said some mean things to select House members

So now it is a supposed impropriety on a phone call that will bring him down. The Democrats feel as if their insistence alone that wrongdoing took place will be enough, with the reliable aid arriving from a consistently hysterical media. You can see the generated outrage in the faces of the talking heads; look at the flummoxed expressions on the face of Rep. Adam Schiff — this stuff is supposed to work. And there has been no effect on Trump after nearly three years.

This is because Trump, by not being a politician, is not at all swayed by political brinkmanship. Recall during the election when he appeared disinterested at times in the process. Look at the ways his field teams appeared disorganized, and the ways he had pledged to upend not just the Democrats but also the GOP, and even the electoral process. Trump was a reluctant winner, and his vocal pledges to ‘’Drain the swamp’’ was a signal. He harbors disdain for them, and their process.

The main commodity in D.C. is power. It is what drives every person in that town, and it is what is leveraged to get things done. You get your way by assuring someone they can acquire more, or you threaten by removing what they have. Trump has no more to gain, and quite possibly is not all too concerned if he has it removed. Career politicians like Adam Schiff are using tactics they are accustomed to, but they are impotent against an apathetic target. They are drawing up a complex play on a whiteboard to assure the winning 3-point shot, and Trump is telling them he thinks basketball is a waste of time. Yet this is all they know.

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