The RedState Box Office Report -- Strictly Clowning Around

promotional still courtesy New Line/Warner Brothers

An anticipated sequel floats well above the competition.

A sign of an impending blockbuster is the other studios getting out of the way and avoiding a major release. No other big titles were released in the past couple of weeks with the arrival this weekend of a major horror sequel and the players were wise in the decision. Apart from the top movie no other title earned money even in the double-digits.


So here is our off-ramp into the fall season with the first arrival of a major title. In a couple of weeks more notables will arrive, but in the meantime get the greasepaint out.

1.  IT: CHAPTER TWO – $92.0 Million
The numbers here are really only slightly off from the performance of the first film, so no complaints at all are being heard from New Line/Warner Brothers. There were hints at this one landing near the $100 million mark, but just shy is just fine. This performance still stands as second-best in a number of categories that were topped by the shocking performance of the first film. The real surprise in all of this is that the studios did not expand this version into a “Chapter 3”. Part of the reason this total is lower is the number of possible screenings was truncated by the two hour-fifty minute showing. A trimmed run time would have made for more screenings and allowed for an additional release. Also considering the budget here was double that of the original ($79 million versus $35 million) the costs would have been evened out and profits greater. But then, I’m not studio boss.

The fun action thriller from Gerard Butler has crossed over $50 million. This second sequel is on track to perform better than “London Has Fallen”.


3. GOOD BOYS – $5.39m
This surprise comedy hit continues to linger near the top. There is not as much money to be had these days but the lads are still gathering some cash.

4.  THE LION KING – $4.2m
The undisputed king of the summer is still around. At this stage it is the 13th highest earner ever, in North America, and globally the film has hauled in 1.6 billion to stand as 7th-highest all time.

5.  OVERCOMER – $3.75m
The small faith-based film for Sony/Affirm is continuing to defy the soft projections. To date it has earned $25 million on just a $5 million production budget.

6.  HOBBS & SHAW – $3.72m
Now has taken in over $700 million globally, and in the U.S. it is fifth in the Fast & the Furious franchise.

This Shia LaBeouf arthouse release about a young man with Downs Syndrome who travels on an adventure has been out five weeks and expanding gradually. It enters the top-10 in a softened field for the first time as it now plays on over 1,300 screens.

The Lionsgate release has been a decent hit as it has earned more than the “Dora The Explorer” film, which opened the same week with double the budget.


9.  READY OR NOT – $2.23m
A class warfare satire packaged in a horror film this has been managing to grind out a respectable return of 4225 million on its meager 46 million budget. Critics and audiences have favored this, just not to the levels you would like to see for that much affection.

Another indicator of how poorly this has performed is that it opened on 1,500 more screens than “Scary Stories”, and now is playing on 300 fewer screens.


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