Rhode Island Congressman Makes Crazy Claim About Guns and Manages to Show Ignorance of His State Laws

(AP Photo/Matt York, File)

Here is what happens when politicians claim superiority on an issue about which they are oblivious.

The shooting over the weekend in Odessa Texas has the liberal politicians out in force, going full anti-gun messaging in full throat before any electronic outlet they can find. It is rather telling how they are completely silent about more shootings, victims, and deaths occurring in the heavily gun-regulated Chicagoland area over the exact same time frame, but we are used to their hypocrisy on this matter.

And stumbling into the debate with all of the grace of someone crashing into a Mikasa stemware display with his shoelaces tied together is Congressional Rep. David Cicilline. The honorable Mr. Cicilline of Rhode Island decided to make a bold pronouncement on Twitter concerning the gun laws in this nation.

This is a rather impressive accomplishment; one small sentence of just 20 words, and he manages to layer the idiocy despite this dose of brevity. Just to start, to invite people to call you ‘crazy’ as you then proceed to prove your mental/emotional imbalance is not the work of a competent federal legislator. Talk about setting a personal precedent…

Next, Cicilline trots out this tired and provably false canard about it being tougher to purchase cold medicine over the counter. This asinine dose of prevarication has become a knee-jerk narrative for those who prefer to do little to zero thinking about guns. It is the kind of vacant aphorism that gun-nabbers love to volley between themselves to feel better about their lack of comprehensive knowledge.

But there is an additional dose of ignorance to shove into Cicilline’s clear backpack — he is completely showing he is unaware about the gun laws in his own state. Turns out, after conducting the type of cursory research that seems beyond the reach of a federal lawmaker, that Rhode Island actually has some of the very type of gun legislation he is calling for here. From Gunlaws.com here is the purchasing restrictions found in The Ocean State (emphasis added):

The seller must then conduct a background check of the intended buyer through the local law enforcement officials or the State Police superintendent. Various copies are made to be sent to the Attorney General, the law enforcement agency conducting the background check, and one is kept by the seller.
The person or licensed firearms dealer must keep the copy for a period of six years. Furthermore, a seven-day waiting period is also instituted by law, and the physical transaction of the weapon from the seller to the buyer may not occur until the wait-period has lapsed. The purchaser must also be at least 18 years old and compliant to the federal regulations detailing the qualifications of possession of a firearm.

Fair to speculate these are not steps taken by Walgreens if you attempt to buy some assault-Pseudoephedrine. Not only is this doltish position being taken by a politician laughable, but the way he elides his own state’s gun laws is made all the worse by the fact that David Cicilline is also a lawyer. This then takes us in the usual fashion to note that we are being served up one of two disqualifying realities: David is displaying a stark ignorance of his state law, or he is intentionally misleading his constituents with what he knows to be a fabrication.

Either the case, he has effectively dismissed himself from any further discussion on this subject. He has even gone so far as to make this entirely risible comment the pinned tweet on his feed. As divorced from reality as this comment is anyone who believes this to be a realistic representation is completely exposing themselves as an unthinking minion. I’d go so far as to even call them “crazy”.