The RedState Box Office Report - Gerard Butler Works the Labor Day Weekend

Gerard Butler stars as ‘Mike Banning’ in ANGEL HAS FALLEN. Photo Credit: Simon Varsano.
Gerard Butler stars as ‘Mike Banning’ in ANGEL HAS FALLEN. Photo Credit: Simon Varsano.

Gerry manages to rise up with “Fallen” yet again.

As I have stated prior, this stretch of the calendar is looked at by Hollywood as a lull in the schedule and this weekend proves that true. Despite the labor day weekend providing an extra day there are no major new releases, as traditionally families travel or look to many other activities.


The weekend total of the top-10 films combined makes for the third-lowest of the year. This makes for the third weekend in the month of August to register in the ten-weakest weekends of the year. These low fortunes will change by next week when the second chapter of the massively successful “It” arrives in theaters. Here are the films that did a bad job on Labor Day.

ANGEL HAS FALLEN – $11.57 Million
This third installment of the Gerard Butler franchise continues to exceed expectations. After doing better than projections last weekend the weekday totals were actually better than the second film, “London Has Fallen”. It seems assured to end up earning more than the final total for “London” of $62 million. The second-week drop of -46% is a strong performance against a decent opening and strong audience scores mean there should be more life ahead for this title. We can take some of the credit, as our month-long #ButlerFest on Twitter certainly helped launch this film to new heights!

GOOD BOYS – $9.19m
This Seth Rogan-produced bawdy youth comedy has been more than resilient, becoming a legitimate hit. It has earned almost $60 million to date, a bit more than expected and it is lingering near the top of the chart. This unique comedy about pre-teen boys has found the perfect niche in a soft schedule.

Still printing money for Disney, this one is becoming a historical performer. $500 million earned stateside, and another $1 billion in international markets has moved this title to #7 all-time in global box office earnings.


HOBBS & SHAW – $6.28m
It crossed the $150 million level this week, and with more than $500 million in foreign business it is moving towards a $700 million global haul. That should be enough to generate further titles with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham teaming up for future outlandish adventures.

The faith-based offering was discounted at the release but it has steadily drawn audiences during the weekdays and quietly has reached $20 million already. Sony has seen some consistent success in partnering with Affirm Films, tapping into a steady religious audience with low-budget titles that turn a profit.

READY OR NOT – $5.61m
Following a disappointing opening, the arthouse effort has managed to steady itself and is finding some interest. Steady interest and a small drop of -30% has seen a bit of a recovery and has drawn $20 million to this point.

This was likely influenced because of “It”. What would seem like a natural Halloween frame release was instead brought out a month ago, and Lionsgate has been proven wise. It has drawn over $60 million to date which looks better than most predictions had been for this small horror offering for the younger set.

This success has likely been the reason behind the recent feud between Marvel and Sony, The two studios had agreed upon shared rights to the character on film, but following the “Avengers” run, and the last two independent releases being huge Marvel has wanted a larger piece of the profits. Sony, which has the rights to the character has since pulled back. As a sign as to why, It has a chance at becoming the most successful “Spider-Man” release, and is about to move into the top-10 all-time of Marvel titles. This title has been out for 9 weeks and is still showing on over 3,000 screens.


A sign of how far below expectations this is performing it has now been out a month and has yet to crawl over the $50 million plateaux.

10. THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 – $4.11m
Another underperforming release, so far it has not even earned one-third of the original movie’s total, nor one half of its production budget. It is doing better internationally, but not gangbusters.


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