The Democrat Debate Was All About Removing The Right To Choose

I thought they were the party about defending choice? When did that change?

On night one of the Democratic Party Presidential candidate political forums (dubbed “The Donkey Debates”) we were presented with few surprises and many head-scratching moments of sheer aversion to the facts. Promises were made and bromides were delivered as if by firehose. Amid all the pledges of free everything while demonizing anything approaching a functional corporate foundation something unremarked but completely remarkable took place — The Democrats defied their biggest core belief.


Early on, of course, we heard of abortion rights, but it was a lightly touched-upon segment. After all, who does not know this is essentially Democrat gospel already?! Turn against the sacrosanct issue and you are effectively excommunicated from the party. So the candidates breezed over that subject and moved on to more heady waters.

Universal healthcare was roundly supported, with a number of hopefuls pledging outright that they will see to it that private health insurance is phased out for single-payer government-run healthcare. (Recall not long ago this was something a candidate would never admit to, for fear of crippling their campaign?) Liz Warren was especially comical in this round, pointing out how insurers sometimes have you filling out dozens of forms. Yea, one thing we all know about the government, it NEVER involves excessive amounts of paperwork!

Gun control was another issue brought up, with most in some form of agreement that Americans had no reason to own a weapon. Sob stories abounded, and all pledged to make those evil guns even more evil. Immigration came up, and the call to simply do away with border protection was a general agreed-upon result. The environment was of course a big issue, and the call went out to go after the vile energy-producing companies and shift our nation over to a green energy platform.


To an extent these grand, sweeping policy proposals are expected from this group. Consider their plight; in a group of 20 names you need to be distinguished, so being as far out as you can go, and promising as much as you possibly can leads to making these outlandish promises. Except in so doing the Democrats are violating their core belief system.

What happened to their pledge to give everyone the right to choose?!?! Every single candidate — hell, almost every Democrat — adheres to the concept that the right to choose is the most important standard they can think of in politics. Defend it to the death.


They want to remove our right to choose our own health care provider. They not only want to put limits on which guns we choose to buy but to eliminate that choice entirely. Choosing to defend our border from incursions is looked to be phased out entirely. They even want to take away our choice in energy consumption — only approved green energy options will be offered.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, which concerns a segment of the country, “choice” is the preeminent standard. But once you get into broader subjects concerning nearly all of America — healthcare, energy, constitutional rights — then suddenly our right to choose is completely invalid. The smarter minds who know what is best will be more than happy to make those choices for us.


Thank you, but I prefer to choose liberty and freedom over the nannies who cannot even follow the time constraints of a debate set up, let alone the founding documents of our nation.


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