Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 77 -- The Freedom From Independence Edition

Marble Halls & Silver Screens
Marble Halls & Silver Screens

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It is our first episode back from the July 4th holiday, and Sarah was energized like a bunny with batteries shoved up its…uh, battery compartment. We tried to settle back into the routine while being loaded with content and filled with summertime frivolities.

Movies and entertainment were at the forefront, but there was enough idiocy in the political arena to also entertain us. For instance, we learned the hyper-capitalistic movie studio Disney is promoting a communist agenda! Additionally, the group of new arrivals in D.C. who the press wants in the Hall Of Fame already have behaved like talent-free rookies. We did have our fun with our return to the airwaves.

  • Brad kicked off the show with a review of the new movie release “Crawl”. He would have liked it more except for the pesky facts it was set in his home state of Florida. (Basements? REALLY?!)
  • The freshman “Squad” has turned into the Suicide Squad, as the bumbling ladies have managed to step on rakes, trip over themselves, and become fools at the feet of Trump.
  • As those on the left become desperate to hang the Jefferey Epstein scandal on Donald Trump the facts and realities only hurt their side. One actress even implicates herself in the process.
  • Sarah addresses the fact that we could not simply celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Some woke journalists had to find the woke problematics with that historic event.
  • On the subject of the press dumping trash on the lawn of good news, with the impending release of “The Lion King” the media was in a hot competition to see who could come up with the dumbest hot take on the problematics. (WaPo may have taken this prize.)
  • In Canada the arts-loving leftist activists are actually campaigning to have a movie removed from theaters. The pro-life drama “Unplanned” has been protested, but at least one theater chain CEO had the stones to tell these cranks to grow up.
  • During our absence “Stranger Things 3” came out and we turned that show upside down, as it were. (See what we did there???)

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