The RedState Box Office Report - Independence Fireworks in Theaters

Poster courtesy of Sony Pictures; screen-cap courtesy Disney/Pixar
Poster courtesy of Sony Pictures; screen-cap courtesy Disney/Pixar

The July 4th holiday is always the time studios can count on explosive box office figures, and this weekend was no different. While the day itself sees a slight drop the surrounding days off are usually the time things ignite around the holiday. Not only were the debuts strong but most holdover titles had less than a -50% drop, a sign the turnstiles were spinning.


Families tend to find time to get a theater viewing in amidst the cookouts and fireworks, and a slew of family fare, and a new superhero, are just the kinds of things to draw a crowd. As dismal as the premieres have been the past few weeks this summer has managed to right itself. If you count the debut of “Avengers: Endgame” the total of the summer haul is just about on pace with the same period last year, and the fuse has only been lit. Another Disney arrival is due in two weeks.

1. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME – $91.0 Million
The figures are imperfect by a few million, but this has been a remarkable debut, helped by being the second-largest release in history at 4,634 screens. A sub-$100 million weekend is only due to the title being released on Tuesday, where it set the record for best Tuesday debut, and also made for the second biggest Wednesday ever (“Spider-Man 2” opened on the day in 2004.), and the second best July 4 haul as well. The 6-day estimate comes in around $180 million by this point, so everyone from Sony to the other studios are seeing their boats get floated this weekend.

2. TOY STORY 4 – $34.0m
Only taking a -43% dip in its third week the toys have now crossed over $300 million, and has drawn over $550 million worldwide. All of the hand-wringing that had taken place over this one missing some of the loftiest projections can be put aside; this is a solid smash hit. At the same point in its release Part 4 is actually outpacing Part 3 by around $15 million. Any talk of misfit toys can now be put aside.


3. YESTERDAY – $10.5m
After enjoying a decent opening the adult romance/fantasy is showing staying power. Looking at $30 million earned already it means it has made back its budget and will surely earn profits for Universal.

Sports the biggest percentage drop on the list, at -50% in week-2, that is of little surprise for a horror title. As such it sits at $50 million, and while lagging in terms of the previous two titles in its series it will not be seen as a failure either.

5. ALADDIN – $7.5M
Seven weeks in release and still a top-5 performer tells the story. $300 million domestic and $900 million globally to this point has Disney singing plenty.

6. MIDSOMMAR – $6.1m
Earning $10 million since wednesday this is considered a bit of an art house horror film from the director of “Hereditary”,, and therefore it is tougher finding an audience. Critics basically loved it (82% on RottenTomatoes) but audiences were not flocking to this effort, partially due to a run time of nearly 2.5 hours. The studio A24 tried keeping costs to a minimum so in the long run it may benefit, if the right audience is found.

7. SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 – $4.5m
With competition weakened this is managing to remain active in theaters. It is not tearing up tickets, but after five weeks it still plays on 2,800+ screens.


Not tracking down the target numbers Sony was hoping for, and audiences have acted like they were flashed with a neuralizer regarding this title.

The re-release still has this playing on about 2,000 screens. It is now well within striking distance of the all time worldwide record of “Avatar”. It stands less than $20 million away from that $2.778 billion mark.

10. ROCKETMAN – $2.6M
As the Elton John bio-pic fades out it has been a decent run, but looks like it will not reach the $100 million plateau. It earned a gold record, but did not go platinum.


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