Democrats in Florida Stand Outside the Homestead Immigrant Facility and Lie About What is Inside

The desire for a photo-op and debate traction shows a lack of desire for the facts.

Elizabeth Warren stood in the harsh Florida sun, with 90+% humidity, wearing her librarian sweater. She resembled the President of the local Ravelry Knitting Collective, as she held a megaphone and bleated about the harsh treatment of children on the property. Welcome to the madhouse; the Presidential campaign season has officially opened, and there is probably no better place to launch this psychosis than the mental ward known as South Florida.


As has been the case here for centuries, my home region is being overrun with an infestation — this one of the political nature. There were a number of locations suggested for the nearly two dozen candidates to swarm in order to glom some pre-debate media coverage.

It was suggested that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School be a destination for the gun-nabbing candidates. Sure, school is out, but the scene of a massive tragedy would make for a swell backdrop. Politicize those deaths for poll numbers!

The environmentally-focused runners would be setting up in the Everglades, of course, and a current brush fire would make for the PERFECT backdrop! What better way to underscore the need for environmental reform than a natural calamity?! What these out-of-towners would miss however is that the fires in the Everglades are part of the natural cycle of replenishment and growth. It is not a man-made disaster in need of government intervention.

This particular fire was set off by a storm that I drove through on Sunday, set off by lightning strikes. There is no legislation that can be offered to remedy a natural event. Drought cannot be blamed either, as this area has been inundated with heavy rain for over two weeks. Maybe there will be a new Democrat policy to limit lightning activity; this is a tall order, as our state is one of the most active areas in the world for lightning.


But no surprise to learn that the Homestead immigrant facility would be a favored media stop. Liz Warren did her posing and sounded rightfully outraged. She may prefer you not pay too close attention to her words, however. The first thing she did was refer to the facility as “A stain on our country,” and then she made the call for emergency border funding. Yes, Elizabeth — about that.

Let us first recall, for the better part of 2018, and months into this current year, most Democrats spent their time excoriating President Trump by saying there was no border crisis. Curious what has changed in the past few months, beyond a campaign being ramped up? Also, if this need for funding at the border was so crucial, why were you not in Washington D.C. the day prior? I ask because a crucial vote took place — regarding emergency border funding. (And also for the record, it was your party that voted against such funding, Ms. Warren.)

There is something else taking place when politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Super-PAC funded celebrity activist Alyssa Milano arrive and demand they be allowed inside this facility to disrupt the activities of the children. When they are complaining about conditions, and comparing the place to a concentration camp, know this — they are lying.

Having covered prior political chicanery concerning this particular location, I, at least, have something these bleating self-interested figures lack — insight. It was almost one year ago exactly, in the run-up for the mid-term election when politicians attempted to politicize this facility. Then Senator Bill Nelson and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stormed the location with a “surprise” visit, to see the horrors contained therein. Conveniently this was not a surprise for the dozens of electronic media who happened to arrive as well that morning.


After being rebuffed by the management, and told they could come back a few days later with a scheduled visit, the politicos feigned outrage. But eventually, they and select members of the press were allowed in. It seems they were disappointed in what they discovered inside — things were quite pleasant. Imagine being in a position where you are let down to find out children are being treated with care and kindness.

This location had previously been a Department Of Labor building, used for Job Corps activities. It was recommissioned to become a holding location for immigrant minors. This conversion began in 2015. That means this facility became a “stain on this nation” at the order of the Obama administration. Ms. Warren’s handlers may want to rework their language accordingly.

There are a number of hysterical Democrat-fed myths about this facility that get blasted to confetti with the facts. This is not a holding center where everyone is caged and sleeps on concrete floors. It is dormitory housing. Every child is provided with their own bed. They are fed three meals daily in the cafeteria. For protection, they are segregated by ages to avoid conflicts and abuses.

In defiance of Democrat declarations of withheld supplies, upon arrival, each child is assigned their bed, given at least five days worth of clothing, and is issued a hygiene kit. Their days involve a variety of activities. They receive schooling in select subjects and engage in art projects. They have ample time to play outside, and watching sports and movies is offered.


One New York Times reporter who toured the place noted that about the harshest condition she saw was a number of the children had sweaters. It turned out many were unaccustomed to the central air conditioning, inside this climate-controlled “concentration camp.

One other major talking point of the Dems was dispelled by the Miami Herald, which also had been at the location — that being these children have been wrested away from doting parents. At the time of the visit, there were 1,175 children being housed on location. Of that total, over 1,100 of them had come to the United States as unaccompanied minors. As you hear calls from the debate podium that these kids need to be released immediately, note that no moderators asked this follow-up question: Where would you release these children with no families?! The streets? Allow them to remain with the coyotes who brought them into our country?

The facts reported are that the average length of stay for the children inside Homestead is less than one month. In that time, either relatives in the states are located to take them in, or foster families are secured. In the meantime they are properly housed, cared for, and tended to. We are, in fact, doing the benevolent thing.

The attempt of the Democrats to offset responsibility onto Donald Trump and use falsified condition reports is both cynical and cravenly political. Trump did not sneak these facilities into existence to the surprise of the conveniently outraged. Conversion of government buildings into immigration centers began over ten years ago, and with the approval of Congress. Another attempted offset of blame concern what have been dubbed “baby jails”.



It has been asserted that Trump has created buildings to house immigrant infants and toddlers. There have even been media reporting that the administration used the term “tender age facilities” to cloak what are these supposed jails for babies. Except, there are the recorded requests from the Health and Human Services Department requisitioning the construction — from 2010. They even employed the term “tender age” in the wording of the request.

These are details that the media is largely disinterested in correcting. The story of the government caring for children who arrive here without familial support is just not as good copy as a media-starved politician from the Bronx pretending to be wailing outside of a “concentration camp”. It is left to us to correct the record, it seems.


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