Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 70 -- The Run, Don’t Walk, Away Edition

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Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment in our culture.

It was a perfect mixture of politics and pop culture this week with some deeply trenchant policy issues and shallowly (it’s a word!) relevant entertainment details. Sarah attended a meeting in D.C. for mind-changers, and Brad broke news that a classically bad soda from our past is making a return.


To go along there were additional attempts to discredit the President, GoT angered fans with a political closing message, and a world famous politician made her comic book debut. It was a full episode and we crammed it all in within one hour!!




  • The return of the infamous disaster that was New Coke is set to arrive once again. The difference though is there is a sound Hollywood promotional reason for it.
  • Sarah went to see a presentation by the organization #WalkAway, and saw firsthand the group of people who are announcing their flight from the Democratic party.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her comic book on the market now. Brad got hold of his own copy — and it is as big of a disaster as the Congresswoman herself.
  • The Democrats, and especially the two dozen candidates, are intent on impeachment proceedings to defeat President Trump, since they are not competing on political policies.
  • Sarah watched the hated Game Of THrones finale and figured out part of why there was so much resistance to that episode. The writers seemingly made the case for the electoral college.
  • Brad saw the third chapter of the “John Wick” films and gave a veiled review, with no spoilers.
  • Sarah outlined some of the issues surrounding the Chinese conglomerate Huawei, while Brad saw a parallel with Brazil’s Odebrecht corruption scandal .

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