Alyssa Milano Hates the Concept of Dark Money in Politics, but she Likes Their Checks All the Same


In classic liberal fashion what they bleat about the loudest is what they are most guilty of themselves.

Alyssa Milano has been on an incessant political tear in recent years. The part time celebrity and full time social activist has been especially busy of late, with abortion on the front burner of her overheated political kitchen. Today she sent out a message about the unfair nature of financially-backed political groups.


Yes, the familiar bromide from the left about the vile nature of “dark money”! It’s special how they constantly trot out this ominous phrase absent any explanation about the implied nefariousness of it all. Alyssa seems particularly drawn to this political boogeyman, recently invoking it on the same issue.

That Milano has been in full foghorn mode since the Donald Trump election has become accepted as a given. We are almost inured to her dramatic turns on social media, pleading incessantly for causes she promises will bring about our demise, or something. She tours the country campaigning for candidates from areas where she does not live, maintaining a near-perfect record of losses by any name she has backed.

Adding to her losing record was her appearance in a Senate hearing to oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (who was approved for SCOTUS), calling for Congress to re-ratify the failed Equal Rights Amendment (it has not), and to promote a boycott by Hollywood if Georgia passed the heartbeat abortion bill (it was signed into law last week).


There is one other arena in which Milano comes out on the losing end: Facts. Looking over Alyssa’s travels on behalf of all of her causes a certain question is raised. My RedState podcast partner, Sarah Lee, has asked frequently if anyone is behind her globe-trotting efforts, and it turns out that indeed yes, there is. While this actress-vist is intoning the horrors of the venal power of “Dark Money” it turns out she is actually supported by a group falling under that very banner.

It was recently exposed that there is an anonymously-funded Democratic outfit dubbed Future Majority that tasks itself with influencing the upcoming elections and combating conservatism on social media. They are reported to begin with $60 million pledged towards efforts aimed at the 2020 election cycle. And, as Politico notes, the group has been “active for months”, and is involved with “enlisting personalities like actress Alyssa Milano.”

The group is not only leaning towards the liberal agenda, but it is also comprised of Democrat party operatives — from the Obama administration.

Future Majority has enlisted advisers including Dan Sena, who was executive director of the DCCC for the last election, and Julianna Smoot, a deputy campaign manager on Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection effort. Two major Democratic donors are co-chairing the group: Philip Munger, son of Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Charles Munger, and Dan Tierney, founder of high-speed trading company GETGO. Keith Mestrich, president and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, is also helping fund the group.


Another key name is connected to the operation, according to Open Secrets.

Earlier this year, Democratic fundraiser Matthew Tompkins formed a super PAC called America’s Future Majority Fund PAC. With Tompkins, links between Future Majority and presidential contender Joe Biden begin to emerge. The Hill reported that Tompkins recently launched a pro-Biden super PAC, titled For the People PAC, with the aim of raising tens of millions of dollars to support Biden’s campaign.

This, despite Joe Biden himself coming forward to announce that he wants no support from super PACs. This is nothing more than lip service however, as Ms. Milano exemplifies. As she is decrying “dark money” she is also reported by Open Secrets to be working with Future Majority. This goes far to explain a rather curious contradiction taking place within her activism.

Milano was one of the louder supporters of the #MeToo movement, a position that sternly revisited during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. However after months of her declaring the importance of stopping sexual harassment and believing all women she turned a 180 on the issue when Joe Biden was facing charges of his creepy behavior towards women, following his announced candidacy.

Suddenly the women’s rights warrior was defending Biden and dismissing any allegations made by women who complained about his behavior with them in the past. Seems the woman backed by the same dark money group founded by Biden’s people has fluid values on the subject based on who is involved. But then this is hardly the only subject with which Milano displays a fluid morality.


Months back she wrote an op-ed column for USA Today where she outlined all of the evils concerning dark money outfits and PACs that have an influence on our democracy. And yet, as Open Secrets describes the group, “Future Majority will do much more than spend money on ads — primarily offering strategic advice and branding efforts to other Democratic groups.” A nonprofit acting as a self-proclaimed ‘strategy center’ for other groups represents a new kind of dark money group.”

It seems that when it comes to the evils of dark money groups, Alyssa Milano thinks they could be the worst thing about politics — until the check clears.


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