Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 69 -- The Cathode Ray Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

The new, and slimmed down, quasi-professional version of our podcast! Sarah and Brad make an attempt at professionalism with brevity, and breaks! And yet, content. We were rather TV heavy this week, with the network upfronts taking place, and a smattering of political intrigue to boot.


As the networks were touting all their new shows there were some notable omissions, in the form of cancellations. To go with that celebrities were acting the fool, journalists were acting foolish, and there was a rare movie review from Brad on a GOOD movie. (Surprises abound!


  • Sarah detailed a video of John Solomon, from The Hill, who gave a deeply interesting interview concerning details he saw at the FISA court.
  • NBC News insisted on rehabilitating Brian Williams, as they were bragging about their journalistic integrity for the advertisers.
  • Alyssa Milano suggested women go on a sex strike to protest the new abortion laws — as if her screeching activism was not enough of a birth control.
  • Murphy Brown was officially canceled, after a partial season of disinterested viewers.
  • Steven Spielberg pulled his production company out of the show “Bull” over #MeToo concerns.
  • Over at Harvard they were upset that a law professor would become the defense lawyer for Harvey Weinstein — as if this was the first time ever a criminal had retained counsel.
  • A writer for LA Magazine wore a Trump hat to a vegan restaurant, and he became upset that people treated him with grace and dignity.


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