Liz Warren and Selling the Myth No Women Support Pro-Life Legislation

Elizabeth Warren - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Elizabeth Warren – Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


In claiming women are being oppressed Democrats are ignoring all the women who support abortion legislation.


As the abortion debate continues to heat up in the country, the result of individual states taking on tougher abortion laws, the issue inevitably will cross over into the Presidential campaigns. The Democrats refuse to terminate any ground on the issue, instead becoming only more entrenched in their positions and making more outlandish claims to justify their stance.

Elizabeth Warren commented on the recently passed Law in Alabama, said to be the strictest abortion law passed by a state. The Presidential hopeful of course echoed opposition to the law but did so in a fashion that reflects the views posited by many on her side of the debate. Liz trots out the canard that the law was passed by a cabal of old, white, males — all in a desire to hold down women and treat them as second-class humans.

Look, there is no surprise that a Democrat may traffic in hysterics and panic whenever they discuss a political issue. But Warren’s argument here is easily beaten back with the use of a simple tool — facts.


While she blusters about the way that men have hijacked an issue that concerns only women she has to do so in a fashion that ignores women. Specifically, the women in Alabama. The stance that old white dudes pushed this archaic Medieval legislation was spoken in the chambers of the Alabama legislature. Said one politician this week:

“These are Republican legislators who are overwhelmingly men, are so extreme and so callous that they would support a bill that denies a woman a constitutional right that they’ve had for decades.”

While a typical response from a Democrat, the curiosity is this was spoken by Rep. Doug Jones. How curious to invalidate oneself in the span of one sentence. I mean, if we are to discount the views of men on this issue, then we need to also discount Jones’ position as well. But what Warren, and Jones, and so many other Democrats and leftists evade in their caterwauling on the law, is that women in Alabama have spoken on the matter.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey. Okay, sure, that is just one woman who is voting against the well being of her gender, some may say. She does not represent the women of her state, is the problem. Except, the bill was also crafted by a female, co-sponsor Rep. Terri Collins. And do not presume that Collins was coerced into this by venal males. She wrote the bill specifically to target the probable confrontation with Roe v. Wade.


“This bill’s purpose is to hopefully get to the Supreme Court and have them revisit the actual decision, which was, is the baby in a womb a person?” Collins said. “And we believe technology and science shows that it is. You can see that baby tissue develop all the way through now.”

Even an attempt at discounting these two women should fall on deaf ears, when you look at the makeup of the Alabama electorate. In the 2018 midterm elections nearly 200,000 more women voted, than males. This means the legislature of the Alabamans was placed by a plurality of female voters. That legislature passed the new abortion bill overwhelmingly — 74/3 in the House, and 25/6 in the state Senate.

Rather telling that as Democrats claim the wishes of women are not being heard they choose to ignore the wide swath of women involved in the abortion law. This is a law that is actually representing the wishes of Alabama females. Apologies if this disrupts the narrative of the Democrats but then, if they were relying upon facts it would not be called a “narrative”, now.


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