Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 68 -- The Did I Hurt Your Thinkings Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Quite a bit of ill-thought and incomplete concepts seemed to rule the week. We saw everything from journalists making incomplete conclusions and theories, to celebrities believing their feelings amounted to good ideas. Additionally, politicians tried to sell us on concepts that were…well, they came from a politician — not much more needs to be said.


There was also worldwide intrigue in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Palestine, and in keeping with the global theme we wondered just what in the world celebrities were thinking with their fashions at the Met Gala.




THIS WEEK’S THEME:Backstabber” ~ Eminem


  • More Manafort intrigue was floating around, leading to a parallel with the Steele Dossier — as Mueller was curious if Trump had Ukraine connections he ignored Hillary and the DNC actually HAVING those connections.
  • For some reason celebrities, who like to claim they are progressive, sure seem obsessed with a nearly 50 year old piece of legislation. They showing ignorance of the Constitution is merely a bonus.
  • The team of Talib & Omar continue to be a pure comedy act, as both ladies show both an allegiance to the Palestinians and ignorance of the facts.
  • At CNN Chris Cillizza was all in a dander over what Trump might do in 2020 in the form of denying he loses the election. At the same time Chris is unbothered that Democrats are CURRENTLY doing this from the last election, like Hillary, and Stacy Abrams, and Andrew Gillum, and…
  • Author Bret Easton Ellis has some choice words for Hollywood’s privileged set, and some less-than-choice critics were unhappy with this.
  • Speaking of CNN, their horrible ratings is leading them to cull the staff, by buying out contracts. Brian Stelter rushed to the scene to inform us: “These are not layoffs!!!” (Okay Brian, calm your nerves.)

At the big Met Gala this week celebrities attempted to wear the most obtuse outfits they could for the cameras. One outlet found out that many of them managed to resemble items from the Target housewares catalogue.

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