The RedState Box Office Report - There is Some Movie Released Called AVENGERS ENDGAME Apparently???

The only surprise was how even the industry experts missed the numbers on this one.

Coming into the weekend there was absolutely zero mystery, but there were a number of questions. Mostly, those concerned the numbers; primarily it was “How many records were going to fall?” The best answer: All of the major ones. This movie has not landed into theaters – it has detonated.


Marvel’s culmination of its current “Infinity Saga” storyline within the MCU is drawing interest. It’s drawing hordes. Hell, it is drawing masses. So rabid is the fanbase interest in this one that theaters are reporting that even showings in the 2:00 am time slots have been selling out. There were cautious projections earlier in the week, and those have been blasted away as this film is even exceeding some of the generous projections.

With a near 3 hour run time (you can schedule your bathroom breaks accordingly, by the way) it was a challenge to measure since that is roughly double the length of your average film. Halving your showtimes is tough, but that was mitigated by a record wide release. So let’s dive in, and also measure what other films people chose when they found out there were no tickets available for what they really wanted to see.


1. VENGERS: ENDGAME – $358.5 Million
This is a staggering total that only tells part of the story. The numbers are very likely to be revised higher once the official totals come in late tomorrow. Globally the film is also a massive hit, with debuts begging in some countries on Wednesday it has already drawn close to $1.2 billion million overseas, with China likely delivering over $330 million. This return is so big that when you factor in all of the expenses — production, distribution, and promotions — coming in around the $500 million mark the film began turning a profit sometime early Sunday morning.


Here are just some of the numerous records that have already been obliterated: Opening weekend, opening day, second day, Thursday previews, Friday-Saturday-Sunday grosses, widest opening (4,662 screens), fastest to $100/$150/$200/$250/$300 million, fastest to global $1 billion… and on it goes.

The amazing thing is early in the week it was a cautious guess the film might reach $300 million for the weekend. The Friday total alone ($170+ million) was higher than the totals for all the previous weekends, except for one. This title is the new standard.


2. CAPTAIN MARVEL – $8.05m
If you cannot get tickets to the main event why not also go see the undercard? As well surely many bought/rebought seats to catch this one ahead of the “Endgame” screening, considering the lead-in it provided.

Last week’s champ took a bit of a drubbing, plunging a heavy -70%, but that is expected given horror films have reliably bad holds, and the sheer vacuum created in theaters by the Marvel monster.

Conversely the smaller niche drama for the faith-based set is unlikely to have much crossover with a comic book franchise, so a very respectable second-week drop of just -44% was considered very good news.

5. SHAZAM! – $5.6m
Holding up rather well there was surely a bit of business to be seen for the competing comic hero. Surprisingly it only dropped 550 screens in week #4 and is still showing on over 2,600 screens.


6. LITTLE – $3.43m
Not a great run for this switch-up comedy, but not a disaster either. It has performed respectfully, if not impressively.

7. DUMBO – $3.23m
It has done better in foreign markets than here – $220+ million, versus just $107 million domestically. It probably needs to take in at least another 450 million to see a profit. If you wonder though why you hear very little about this being a disappointment for Disney, just peer back at those “Endgame” numbers and you will understand the studio shrugging.

8. PET SEMATARY – $1.29m
Dropping nearly 1,500 screens in its fourth week the critters are essentially done. Doubtful this has been resurrected as a franchise.

9. US – $1.14m
Standing at a total of $170 million after 6 weeks.

10. PENGUINS $1.05m
This Disney nature documentary was released last week, but it inches into the top-10 as many other also-rans plummeted. The curiosity here is that the same studio produced “March Of The Penguins 2”, which debuted on Hulu streaming at the same time.


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