Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 65 -- The Pay Now or Pay Later Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Considering that tax day just landed it was an appropriately money-intensive week, for those who were paying attention. The Democrat candidates were getting scorched over their tax returns and the lack of charitable giving they make, all while they lecture on the greed of others.


Meanwhile other candidate news was percolating, standing politicians were aggravating, and a lucky gambler was matriculating his investment.


THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Money, Money, Money” ~ ABBA


We touched on the fire that swept through Notre Dame. A number of billionaires from across the globe have pledged to donate significantly towards the rebuilding effort.

  • Bernie Sanders is in a curious battle with Think Progress, a site that has been critical of him. Remarkably two of his main campaign workers came from that site, and as Sanders is slandering billionaires a billionaire comes to his defense.
  • Celebrity pundit Cher has curiously fallen into an agreement with the man she hates the most, Donald Trump.
    Ilhan Omar continues to antagonize with her bigotry, all while claiming victimhood. It seems she is allowed to ask controversial questions, but anyone questioning her bias is dubbed a hater.
  • CNN has been struggling in the ratings for some time now, and the network got upset when it was pointed out they have had dismal ratings for the town hall events they have staged for Democrat candidates.
    A new streaming service has cropped up in an attempt to compete with the major entertainment outlets — it is dubbed a socialist version of Netflix.
  • Sarah has noted that the CBS streaming program “The Good Fight” is not only using current events for story lines, they are using actual names and politicians for their characters in a desperate bid for anti-Trump wishcasting.
  • A Wisconsin man made a fortune on a bet he placed on Tiger Woods, and not one detail of his story makes any sense.
  • Much more, as per usual with us!


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