There Is a Socialist Netflix-Style Service That, Unsurprisingly, Is Not Free for All

The streaming landscape is blowing up, with a number of major media players jumping into the marketplace. Apple just launched its service, and Disney+ is looming on the horizon this fall. AT&T, as it merged with Time Warner, has its own service in the works, as does NBC Universal. To fight the corporate monoliths (who by description are inherently evil) there is another brand new streaming service, Means TV, a streaming service for socialists.


With socialism becoming a hotly debated subject in Washington D.C. — when in the past it was simply laughed off — this new venture hopes to reach a millennial base and help to grow the ideology. Says the website, “Let’s build an anti-capitalist media institution together.” Looking to provide content that is worker-based, and anti-capitalist, the duo behind Means TV have momentum. Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are the brains behind this launch, hailing from the worker’s Mecca of Detroit. They became established as a result of working with the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign.

Last summer the young candidate was low on campaign funds and could scarcely afford advertising and video outreach. The Burton-Hayes outfit Means of Production was able to create a commercial for Ocasio-Cortez on the cheap, and it is considered one of the turning points of the young New Yorker’s election. Now the couple wants to develop a service to help educate the youth of the country on the merits of socialism.

Basically, it’s a cooperatively-run, anti-capitalist Netflix,” said Burton. Their stated intent is “to help create the cultural foundation and support needed to build socialism in the U.S.” Hayes adds in this less-than-inspiring nugget: “Our future is almost guaranteed to be worse than the future of our parents at our age, which is essentially the case now.” So you have an idea of the attitudes of the creative minds behind this service. The content is sure to be something apart from uplifting.


At The Intercept they attempted to polish this raw nugget thusly:

The Means TV concept has been in the works for some time, Burton said, and she recalled discussing it at length with Ocasio-Cortez when she was still a long-shot candidate, with both recognizing the importance of programming that centered working-class struggles and highlighting the nature of capitalist exploitation in a fun and relatable way.

Content will be focused on worker strife and the oppressive exploitation by vile corporate monsters? How can that be anything but fun?! They are attempting to raise $500,000 through crowd-sourcing, and in the meantime, they are accepting pitches for ideas. The business model is said to be one that is cooperatively-owned, with workers receiving the profits. They also will vote on things such as the operations, and the selection of content. And just what type of content could we expect?

The Simpsons”, says Burton, serving up one example of their planned shows. “But they’re living on an anarchist commune after the fall of capitalism. They’re just picking up the pieces and running into shenanigan with other anarchist cells.” Uh…yea.


Means TV will not be government funded, with all citizens receiving the service at no cost. If you would like to have access to their content you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $10.00.


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