An Uproar Over Trump Branded Yarmulkes Proves Trump Derangement Ignores Facts

Suddenly the left cares about religious sanctity, when it is a chance to slander the President.

One of the hallmarks from the Democratic party the past few years has been the persistent attacks they have leveled on religious entities and institutions. In recent memory, they have tried forcing birth control measures on Catholic organizations, threatened to sue churches which would not perform same-sex marriages, tried driving numerous entrepreneurs out of business for denying service to gay events and are looking to apply religious litmus tests to prospective judicial nominees.


These examples are why the feigned outrage that percolated over the weekend in regards to a supposed sacrilegious act is so utterly mockable, and the provably hollow examples show cheap and bitter attempts to slander President Trump in any fashion possible. The President was speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition. Already you can see those on the left positively vibrating at the numerous ways they could maximize getting a political hit on the President.

All that was needed to set them off was this tweet from Jeff Scheid, a documentary photographer.

A MAGA hat version of a yarmulke, and worn by a political donor no less — this is untenable! In the wake of Scheid’s post we saw all manner of outrage and accusations. A number of responses erupted out of this appearance, and many were expressing anything from dismay to disgust.

That last one is especially precious, coming from Imraan Siddiqi, from the Arizona chapter of CAIR. Suddenly the Muslim leadership is concerned over the propriety of jJwish expressions. He exemplifies this knee-jerk outrage to attack Trump for the appearance of anyone wearing the kippah emblazoned with Trump iconography, as if they had the least bit of concern over religious principles. Not only is this a case of selective outrage by the sworn opponents of the President, but it also displays abject ignorance.


While it may seem tiresome these petty double standards are emblematic of the resistance mindset, and it is important to note the vacant foundation in these attacks. These cases reveal how so very often the criticisms aimed at the White House are not rooted in factual precepts. What we saw on display in these examples are people who have not been the least bit bothered by yarmulkes with a political basis before today. Yes, these have existed for years, over the past few elections.

During the 2016 political campaign yarmulkes sprouted up in support of most of the candidates. Note this story from the Washington Free Beacon from the AIPAC gathering in March 2016. They spoke with one vendor who was at the conference selling the head coverings for candidates from both political parties. And reaching back to 2008, here is another who was offering the political kippahs for the major candidates of that year’s general election. Tellingly we never heard the hectoring from the media or the populace about the blasphemous representations.

But now when Trump supporters engage in the practice that has been commonplace for at least a decade prior it becomes a theistic crisis, according to those who harbor a deep disdain for anything of a religious nature. Yes, it is petty, and it is blatantly hypocritical. But it needs to be exposed for the shallow practice that it is, because this is permeating our politics.


These practitioners rely on being unchecked, and then their accusations become the narrative. It is the larger desire to slander the President, and the broader Republican party, and conservatism in general. Outing these tactics beats back the smear merchants.


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