Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 63 -- The Covering Their Tracks Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

In the wake of the Mueller report there was all manner of imbalanced reactions, and there was plenty to discuss about it all — just don’t say that to Brian Stelter, he would disagree with you completely. But even beyond that there was plenty of content to cover, and cover it we did!


Actors want to force Hollywood out of Georgia, because you can always count on them not making any damned sense. Creepy Uncle Joe is back in everyone’s lives, Bradley Cooper has apparently been busy cutting off the power in Venezuela, and environmentalists want to save the planet by banning certain emojis. (It makes even less sense than it sounds.)



THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Creep” – Radiohead

  • Adam Schiff tried to make himself an internet sensation by posting a video of his posturing speech – and suggesting his own hashtag even – in response to the Mueller report fallout. He listed a number of issues he declared not okay — and Brad disassembled all of his claims.
  • As the main news networks were bleeding viewers after Mueller’s report came up empty CNN’s media expert – Brian Stelter – attributed the loss of audience share to…a slow news cycle.
  • Joe Biden is once again playing coy on whether he will run for President. With a highly competitive Democrat field the issue of Biden’s violation of personal space is becoming his #MeToo problem.
  • A group of actors are signing their names to a petition against the Georgia heartbeat bill, threatening to have all the entertainment studio work leave the state as a result. The reality is they are not about to leave behind billions of dollars just because the out of work Alyssa Milano is in a snit over abortion.
  • Related to that, the movie “Unplanned” was just released that covers the change of heart a former Planned Parenthood director had to become a pro-life activist. The film was blocked from almost all form of advertising, and it managed to become a hit regardless due to audience passion.
  • An environmental group, teaming up with Bacardi, is trying to save the planet by eliminating plastic straws…from our emojis.
  • Marco Rubio found a video from Venezuela where the government tried to pass off the blame of their rolling blackouts from electricity rationing on the United States. The video showed Bradley Cooper scenes from “American Sniper” shooting out an electrical substation.

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