Eric Swalwell Set to Announce His Candidacy, Running On the Pandering Ticket

2 years of failed leadership on the Russian collusion front apparently makes one qualified for the White House.

The list of Democratic Party candidates for the 2020 Presidential election has already been extensive, and it is expected to continue to expand. Word comes out today that perpetual rake-stepper Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) is poised to announce he will officially join the Presidential peloton for the Democratic party nomination.


With the ever-swelling list of candidates, there has been a desire of many of the players to see if they could out-extreme each other in a bid to be noticed. Many of the names have a pet cause attached to their candidacy; this one wants free college, that one is focused on immigration, that other is the climate change, still another will pay Americans $1,000 each, etc. (The exception seems to be Beto, whom nobody can determine what he is running on.)

For his bid Swalwell will also be draping himself in the cloak of a single-issue savior. One thing we do know: that issue will not be battling Trump collusion. Swalwell has been a regular news network feature the past couple of years, complaining perpetually about the controversy and looking positively deflated last week. He has tried to remain an image of stoic resistance, but now he appears like a corgi barking at the window but incapable of influencing the passing traffic.

Curiously his home state of California will not figure prominently during his coming out party. For his candidacy Rep. Swalwell will be aligning himself as the gun control candidate. According to The Atlantic, he is set to make his candidacy official on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. He will be joined by Cameron Kaskey, one of the Parkland student activists. Also on tap for them is a town hall to be held in the Parkland area next Tuesday.

Swalwell, who is no stranger to making inflammatory and sometimes obtuse comments (he once pushed back against gun rights by mentioning the government might nuke citizens) is already positioning things in a curious manner. Currently, his pinned tweet on his Twitter account features a voicemail he purportedly received from a vulgar caller promising to make him a casualty in a civil war.


I’m not afraid of this guy,” the Congressman says in his tweet. “I’m not afraid of the NRA. I’m not afraid. No fear.

Well, I’m afraid that Mr. Swalwell is resorting to hysterics here, given that there is zero indication that this call had anything at all to do with the NRA. But this is Swalwell’s methodology, one he has been employing for the past two years of collusion hype. He has made sweeping statements, false accusations, promises of evidence never delivered, and long has held that the President would be held accountable for rigging an election.

After two years of proven failures on this front, it will be quite enjoyable to watch him bring this same level of competence to a national candidacy.


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