Don Lemon Slams Trump for Challenging Election Results! Also, Lemon Invites Guests to Challenge Their Own Election Results in Same Segment

CNN scorched the President for challenging election results, but allows guests to forward same conspiracies.

Last night on CNN Tonight, Don Lemon was not pleased with the President. (I know, that’s a shocker, and if you need a few moments to recover from that I will understand.) The latest evening shade from Don involved the supposition offered by Trump that the midterm elections, which swayed heavily to Democrat party gains, had somehow been rigged. This claim had the primetime host displeased.


Trump spoke at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s spring dinner last night, and in his monologue he alluded to issues with the elections last November. “I don’t like the way the votes are being tallied. I don’t like it, and you don’t like it either. You just don’t want to say it because you’re afraid of the press. You’re afraid of the press.”

I live in Broward County Florida, ground-zero during every election for all manner of ballot impropriety. Our election supervisor Brenda Snipes had a long history of election skullduggery, and after years of controversy she was finally pushed out from her job. I am just noting, screwy vote tallies are a way of life here.

But Don Lemon would hear none of it. “He’s refusing to take any blame for his own party’s losses in the midterms, and accusing Democrats of cheating without a shred of evidence to back up the latest conspiracy theory.” Stern words for the man who has been a staunch supporter of Jussie Smollett’s hate-crime attack, which did not have a shred of evidence itself. (But I digress.)

Now while Lemon appeared to be taking a rather strong position on the matter, and castigating a man for daring to challenge the results of the November elections, it made absolutely no sense that he next brought on his show the former Mayor of Tallahassee Florida, Andrew Gillum. With a chyron on screen displaying that Trump “Falsely” claims elections were rigged Gillum was free to spout his own conspiracy theories on recent elections that went against Democrats.


The state of Georgia, where my good friend Stacey Abrams was cheated out of her race…” he stated.


Lemon took issue with his other guest, GOP operative Mike Shields, and stated that the President was incorrect to use the term “rigged” in referencing the elections result. However there was no pushback – zero – from the host as Gillum declared firmly that Abrams was “cheated” out of her victory. But for Lemon to even invite Gillum on for this particular segment was an astounding decision.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Gillum appeared on the HBO program Real Time With Bill Maher and was forwarding the theory that he was somehow cheated in his own election, when he recently lost the race for Florida governor. “Had we been able to legally count every one of those votes not just in Florida but in Georgia, I wonder what the outcome may be,” Gillum said during his appearance.

This biased blindspot is amazing to behold within a single news segment. Don Lemon expresses outrage that the President had the temerity to challenge voting results. Then to refute those claims he invites on the air a man who has espoused his own conspiracy theories, and goes on to make more claims about other disproven theories of “cheated” elections.


On CNN the only time it is valid to question election results is when a Democrat loses — and they will bring on Democrats to explain just how they lost “rigged” contests.


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