Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 62 -- The We’re On A Collusion Course Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Not much was happening this week, you know with the exception of a years-in-the-making investigation that led to nothing at all and resulted in numerous swarms of politicians, journalists, pundits, and general leftist gadabouts lighting their hair on fire. All because nothing happened.


Robert Mueller released his report and the collective WHAT?!?!?! heard from the left was felt as much as it was heard. But with everyone screeching a few other stories managed to leech through. The world’s most famous lawyer was busted, America’s most famous anti-Semite said more stupid things, Tater continues to make no sense, and Brad reviewed the newest superhero film.




THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Give You Hell” – All American Rejects



  • The Mueller Report arrived, and we covered more of the coverage than the report itself because, let’s face it, that was way more fun.
  • Sarah found the measurable number of news reports, articles, and video segments concerning the story of supposed Russian collusion. The statistics are boggling.
  • Sarah details how a PR group may have been behind pumping the Trump-Russia story to the press, like a Media Matters-JournoList version of the Collusion narrative.
  • Marco Rubio had some curious insight into some of the language from the Mueller report, where the campaign was approached with intel from Russia and it led to no collusion, which should be good news.
  • Celebrity lawyer to the stars Michael Avenatti was hit with numerous indictments and arrest for serious crimes. Speculation is this could impede his Presidential run.
  • Related, Brian Stelter of CNN — who saw his network bring Avenatti on the air on average of more than once a day last year – entertained Michael Avenatti on his program numerous times to prep him for his candidacy. But suddenly following the arrest Tater declared the story was tiresome — after only a couple of hours.
  • Ilhan Omar had a curious accusation that the Parkland shooting – and ALL extremist shootings last year — were the result of right-wing extremism. She provided proof in the form of a report that showed the majority of those were not in fact right-wing inspired.
  • Amy Klobuchar touted that she had received a key endorsement for her Presidential campaign. There is some debate whether she was aware the support comes from a fictional character.
  • And a new fictional character is coming to movie screens — Brad reviews the upcoming Shazam! film.

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