Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 61 -- The High Impropriety Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

This week a number of companies seemed to be grappling with the effects of misbehavior and problematic employees. Social media, #MeToo, and campus palm-greasing were all the rage.


To go along with those dramatics we had more bickering over the Mueller report, Tucker Carlson told Media Matters that they didn’t, and a national restaurant chain encouraged men to clip their pipes before coming in to clip their wings.

The miniscule crowd of protestors from Media Matters were dwarfed by the actual media.



THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Chain Of Fools” – Aretha Franklin

  • Devin Nunes makes a bold announcement that he is bringing up a lawsuit against Twitter for defamation. This should be good.
  • The CEO of Warner Brothers Pictures stepped down due to his sex scandal. But differing from normal sex luridity the actress involved seems just as rapacious as the men.
  • We gave an oral report on the celebrity campus bribery scandal, mocking the rich luddites who paid a fortune for the right to then pay a fortune in tuition.
  • We dug into the attempt by Media Matters to bring down Tucker Carlson and how that completely was sidetracked by Carlson telling them to go micturate up a bowline.
  • There was more Mueller Investigation news, meaning the media had nothing new to report on it, so of course the media could not shut up about it. But at least Trump tied the press in a knot over it.
  • Ricky Gervais managed to sound sane and reasoned on the issue of dredging up old quotes to bring people down. He took the Tucker approach and basically called out the idiots who resort to those methods.
  • For March Madness Buffalo Wild Wings is encouraging customers to get a vasectomy, and then go sit in their restaurants to watch basketball. In a very strained fashion it makes sense…

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