We Mourn the End of the American (Media) Royal Couple


As things spiral for Michael Avenatti he announced the end of his client/meal ticket relationship.

Recall it was about one year ago when everything appeared to be working against Donald Trump. Still reeling (at least in the press) from the release of the Michael Wolff book “Fire And Fury” there was the always swirling Russia investigation, the students from Parkland Florida were rising to become national activists, and the firing of Andrew McCabe infuriated the press.


It was also at this time that Michael Avenatti had become elevated to the level of “Celebrity Lawyer”. He was in the middle of his love affair with the mainstream media outlets, appearing sometimes on multiple shows on the same day, touting his high profile lawsuits against President Trump. All of the hype, all of the networks throwing open their doors, and all of the journalists repeating the claims of a lawyer without any professional curiosity have led to this — nothing accomplished and the relationship with his client becoming dissolved.

Today the brash and boisterous Avenatti meekly tweeted out a screenshot of an announcement that he was severing the relationship with Stormy Daniels and, while brief, in a fashion consistent with his slimy nature it is rife with contradictions and illogic.


While he declares he cut ties with the coital thespian in mid February, that defies news reports from just days ago. The news came out that a judge had dismissed an active lawsuit that Daniels had brought forward, seeking to prevent the President, and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, from seeking damages from her regarding breaking of a nondisclosure agreement.

The suit was dismissed because Trump and Cohen pledged to no longer pursue damages, and the judge ruled the suit no longer relevant as a result. And there was Avenatti, who supposedly was no longer involved with Daniels, claiming it was a victory. “The court found that Ms. Daniels received everything she asked for by way of the lawsuit — she won,” Avenatti said.


His claim of this being great news however defies their own actions in court. Daniels and Avenatti had in fact fought against the case being dismissed. They were anticipating that both Trump and Cohen would be forced to testify, and they hoped that it would lead to getting either man saying crucial details on the record to aid them, or even lead to additional cases.

Last week’s result stands as yet another failure by Avenatti, in a year chock full of such failures. He initially overplayed his hand in bringing the original suit, stipulating that since the President never signed the NDA it meant that Daniels was not obligated to remain silent. The reality was that the agreement in question was drawn up by Michael Cohen, and therefore Donald Trump was not required to sign.

This led to the loss in court, where Daniels has been required to pay close to $300,000 in legal fees. Avenatti had promised all manner of disclosure would result from the case, bringing down the Trump Presidency. No such evidence has ever materialized. Later Avenatti released some of Michael Cohen’s personal financial documents, which were illegally obtained and led to DOJ investigating the matter. (Avenatti had also released personal documents belonging to another individual named Michael Cohen.)

Avenatti also attempted to inject himself into the circus that was the Judicial confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Avenatti suppposedly had a deeply credible testimonial to supposed Kavanaugh impropriety, but his witness was so blatantly flawed that the Senate Judiciary Committee essentially told the lawwyer to scoot, and not darken their marble halls again.


Meanwhile Avenatti had issues beyond those involving his coital thespian client. His law firm has been embroiled in bankruptcy proceeding with a former partner. He agreed to place the business into receivership, with the former partner. Then last week, ahead of a scheduled debtor plan, he filed for bankruptcy on the firm in an attempt to delay that move. That is something he no longer had the power to do since the power to do so rests in the receivership. That is the kind of thing to draw the attention of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

In desperation he now has attached himself with the sprawling R. Kelly lawsuits, representing a number of alleged victims. A hungry lawyer will always find an ambulance to pursue.

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