NPR Claims the Elderly and Infirm Are Clinging...for the Mueller Report??



Think of those who are in the waning days of their existence in this realm, and what could be all the reasons needed to fight to maintain a spot among the vibrant. Clinging to precious hours with a spouse, a desire to see more time with their loved ones, or possibly attempting to reconcile items of a personal matter usually take priority. For the fervent sports fan sometimes a desire to see their beloved team achieve an elusive championship is the motivator.


But according to National Public Radio, more and more of those in the twilight frame are battling the mortal coil in order to see the release of a political investigation come to fruition. NPR has declared that a growing number of the infirm are dispatching time with loved ones because they are so desirous to see what becomes of the Mueller Russian collusion investigation.

Expectations are so intense among some elderly,” claims the public news outlet, “ill critics of the president that they say they want to try to hang on to see how the story all turns out.” As ludicrous as it may sound to the rational that people with the Golden Staircase in their periphery would be so focused on a political investigation, this kind of story is the result of severe TDS. (I’m referring here to the news outlet, not those in hospice.)

NPR was not without its examples. They tell the story of a WW2 vet who was in his nineties, and while in ICU he gasped his last breath to make a political comment. Quoting the man’s son: “S***, I’m not going to see the Mueller report, am I?’ And that was really the last coherent thing that he said.”

For nearly two years, those who find fault with President Trump have been hanging onto hope that Mueller will produce evidence that will be damaging to the president. These expectations are so high that there are even those who in their last years are hoping to survive just long enough to see the conclusion.

The outlet found another nonagenarian with pancreatic cancer, who told them “I was hoping to live to see the outcome of what I think it should be — justice. I’ll be surprised and disappointed if it isn’t.” Then NPR makes the real stretch, as it claims that Benjamin Wittes from the Brookings Institute was flooded with similar stories, but then provided this example as the top pick: “I thought, Oh my gosh, that’s the kind of thing that my mother would say,” said Kristina Makansi, who lives in Tucson, Ariz. Her mother died in January at the age of 94.”


Nothing proves your case like a theoretical regarding what a person who has already passed away might have said.

Newsweek took on the NPR “report”, and it ran with the theme, going with the not-at-all hysterical headline, “Elderly Americans Are Dying Without Getting to Read Mueller’s Report – And They’re Not Happy About It.”

This should underscore just how dastardly President Trump has become. The reign of his terror is ever expanding, as he has now even managed to disappoint those who have passed away.


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