Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 58 -- The Reward for Play-Acting Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

We were joined this week by one of the newer additions to RedState, Stacey “Sister Toldjah” Matthews. This meant the episode was very heavy on the cultural content…and the southern accents. The recent Academy Awards were covered in full including how inappropriate things became.


We also went through the month’s biggest scandal, putting a bow on that story — hopefully. Stacey also gave us insights into what has been taking place in North Carolina regarding the voting fiasco.


The stage for the oscars where the Trump-hating celebrities collected trophies beneath Trump’s hair.



THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Shallow” – Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga”

  • We discussed at length the Oscar ceremony, and the wildly inappropriate performance of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. (Okay, it was not that bad, but still…)
  • There is controversy surrounding the Best Picture winner “Green Book” being considered racist for the way a black character was portrayed by white screenwriters.
  • Meanwhile, there is no controversy for the way that Spike Lee, and his fellow black screenwriters, portrayed a white character in nearly an identical manner.
  • We tried making sense out of the growing number of transgendered individuals winning scholastic sport competitions. It led to the story of a baby in Great Britain that was said to be born without a mother.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a grand pronouncement about paying her staff a “living wage”. We made a grand point in showing how farcical it was, considering she is given the money to make payroll.
  • And then there was this follow-up: New speculation has arisen over where AOC lives in her home district. Nobody seems to be able to verify where she has actually lived.

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